Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hatter Street

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This whimsical dessert cafe that goes by the name of Hatter Street strikes me first as having gotten its inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. True enough, a wonderland experience ensues right when I stepped into this bakehouse.

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I like how intricately designed the place is. Playful clashes of colours and contrasts of old and modern always, always, win my heart

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Alice - $6.80
This chocolate cake was a letdown. We abandoned it after a maximum of two bites each. The richness of chocolate seems to be absent and the combination of the mousse and sponge layer just didn't impress

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Whoaffles - $8.90
There are three types of Whoaffles available but having heard so much about their gula melaka waffles, we didn't even have to think twice before picking this! Covered in a smooth drizzle of a fusion of gula melaka and whipped cream is a crispy and fluffy waffle that will make you go "mhmm" on your first bite! We liked the pandan icecream very much. It's fragrant and not too sweet. We ordered another scoop of it and the Chef kindly gifted it to us! Certainly one of the better waffles that I've had in Singapore!

Charleen, Derrick and I were here on a Friday afternoon and it was pretty crowded! Service was great and we appreciate that the chef took time to speak to us. Will be back to try their snickers cheesecake if I'm in the area!

Do share with me what your favourites at Hatter Street are!

212 Hougang Street 21
Tue - Sun: 13:00 - 22:00

Love, K

K's rating of Hatter Street : 7.5/10

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