Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toby's The Dessert Asylum

Media Invite

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Toby's had been on our list of places-to-go before we started this food blog and after years, I'm finally here for dinner with Derrick!

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As the name goes, you will expect Toby's to serve up only desserts but they actually have a very extensive food menu!

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Liquid Gold - $5.95
Honey lemon drink with soda! Apparently one of the bestselling drinks at Toby's!

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Pear-A-Dise - $5.95
A very refreshing drink of ice blended pears that I took to instantly! 

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Spicy Hot Wings - $8.95
The juicy meat and thin crispy skin of the wings were commendable. A dish that will certainly go well with beer!

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German & Cheese Bratwurst Cheese Dawgs Combi - $16.95
Fat and tasty bratwurst sausages that were paired with a somewhat fragrant garlic rice that were a tad too hard and dry in my opinion.

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Garlic Pork Sandwich - $13.50
Served in between two slices of very unique “burger bread” which is slightly crusty but also soft at the same time, is a palatable mixture of garlic mayo, pork, cheese, onion, lettuce and tomatoes. This was my favourite out of the three mains that we ordered!

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Spicy Marinara Spaghetti - $17.95
The spaghetti was pretty well-cooked and I adored the strong taste of tomato. It left a lingering tanginess on your tongue which is soon overtaken by the spiciness of the dish. The spaghetti was quite frankly, too spicy for me, but again… Don’t base it on my standard on spiciness haha. Overall, this is a dish that I’d definitely try again if I can ask them to reduce the spiciness haha

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Bean-Me-Up - $12.90
Essentially an expensive chendol with coconut cream and vanilla icecream, which was difficult to eat in the slim glass.

 photo P1212245.jpg
Seek Asylum - $15.95
Macadamia icecream and mocha almond icecream with cookies, covered in a blanket of Baileys! Quite possibly the most delicious mudpie I’ve ever tried! I love how all the flavours come together! And the taste of Baileys did not overwhelm but instead, complemented the mudpie really well. The most noteworthy thing is possibly the nutty crunch that comes with every bite. The fragrance of the nuts just played up the flavours so much more! Very highly recommended!

We had a very memorable and sweet finish to the meal and I enjoyed dinner! Thank you Derrick for the invitation!

Parkway Parade, #02-68/70
Monday - Friday: 11:30am -930pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 9:30pm


Love, K


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    1. Ahhh I didn't realise! I typed this on Microsoft word before transferring to blogger. Must have messed up the HTML zzz


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