Sunday, May 11, 2014

OpenSnap Media Launch

Media Invite

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OpenRice has recently launched a new mobile application called OpenSnap which may have just revolutionalized the photo-sharing experience. This application contains uniquely Singapore stickers for users to decorate their photographs and it is armed with a range of filters specially suited for food photography.

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The team at OpenRice has designed this application elaborately and thoughtfully such that users are able to use this application in nine different countries. This reduces the hassle of downloading an "OpenRice Taiwan" or "OpenRice HongKong" when you're overseas. OpenSnap contains information and images of over a million restaurants in these 9 countries and all that info can be accessed on OpenSnap alone! Also, let's say you're back in Singapore from a holiday in HK and you'll like to upload a picture that you took at an eatery there, you'll be able to tag its location even though you're right here in Singapore!

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The media event was held at Flutes at the National Museum of Singapore and we were treated to a four course meal

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Smoked Salmon Rosettes
I adored the contrast of flavours in this dish. The savory smoked salmon, sweet pancakes and tangy orange slices were quite a combination to behold. Seemingly simple but refreshing and a good start to the meal

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Cream of Mushroom
What's not to like about intense mushroom flavour and hints of truffle oil?

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Grilled Beef Striploin
We were all asked for our choice of main courses before the start of the event and I picked the striploin which was honestly, a letdown. We weren't asked for the doneness of our beef and what we received were thoroughly cooked pieces of meat that were almost impossible to cut up. It was certainly an uphill task trying to ingest it.

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Dark Chocolate Cake
The dark chocolate cake was dense and rich but its texture resembled that of a brownie, more than a cake, in my opinion. The cake was spiced up with a nutty kick and warm anglaise sauce which stole my heart. Always a fan of creme Anglaise!

OpenSnap may just become the leading application for food photography now that it has brought in the element of connectedness!
Download the app and start sharing your pictures right away! It's simple to use and I hope you guys enjoy the app!

Thank you OpenRice and Katrina for the invitation!


Love, K

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