Sunday, May 18, 2014

40 Hands

Media Invite

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40 Hands is one of the pioneers of the cafe culture in Singapore. Back when Tiong Bahru was still a sleepy estate, 40 Hands was already drawing huge crowds all the time. I remember visiting it back in 2011 and falling in love with their tau sar pau, when I don't even eat red beans! 40 Hands has come a long way since and has recently undergone a facelift!

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Flat White
The coffee at 40 Hands has a sour note that I usually dislike but it was just about as much as I could take and I quite enjoyed my coffee!

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Eggs Benedict - $16
The Eggs Benedict at 40 Hands is certainly a crowd-winner! What's not to like about nicely poached eggs and juicy steak? Not forgetting the roasted potatoes which were a huge hit! Certainly the dish to order if you're popping by for brunch!

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Muscle Mary Salad - $14 + $3(chicken)
Tender chicken slices atop a platter of quinoa, pumpkin, broccoli, figs, pickled beetroot, mixed greens, fresh mint, sunflower seeds and greek yogurt with honey-lemon dressing

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Truffle Mushroom Toastie - $12.50
Fragrant truffle mushroom puree, fresh mushrooms and arugula sandwiched between crisp toast. Satisfying and delish!

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Under the Spa Esprit group, 40 Hands carries similar dessert items to the other eateries under the group. So we've already tried some of the items at the other eateries. I was tasked to pick items that we've never tried and so I chose three unique cupcakes and their famous tau sar pau! We had the Chendol Cupcake($4.50), Banana Jackfruit muffin($3.50) and the Ol Fashioned Peanut Cupcake($3.50). The banana jackfruit muffin surprised us all with the two seemingly contrasting flavours complementing each other! The tau sar pau was, needless to say, the highlight! Fluffy, soft and packed with a generous red bean filling, I could have three of this at a go!

Thank you @gninethree for the invitation and the Spa Esprit group for this tasting session!

78 Yong Siak Street
Sunday, Tuesday : 8am- 630pm
Wednesday, Thursday : 830am-10pm
Friday, Saturday : 830am-12am


Love, K

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