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Koinonia Salon


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Koinonia Salon is an eight-month old hair salon that is located on the 3rd level of Pacific Plaza. It has a team of experienced hairstylists who will pamper your hair and ensure that the entire experience that you have at Koinonia will definitely meet, if not, exceed your expectations!

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 photo P4234895.jpg The salon is minimally furnished but adequately equipped with the best equipments and stocked with top quality products

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This was my hair before I started any form of treatment.
As you can see, it is terribly dry and frizzy

I had a choice of colouring my hair or doing volume rebonding and I chose to colour my hair since I've never dyed it before. I was also told that I would be receiving one of the most popular treatments, the Mucota Treatment, which is also known as the miracle treatment for damaged hair!

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I had the good fortune of having Creative Director Cynthia and Junior Stylist David, work on my hair. Cynthia chose a dark shade of brown for my hair since it was my first time dyeing my hair and we didn't want to shock anyone with too drastic a change

The hair dye chosen which comes in a gel-form is imported from Italy and it is 100% organic. There is no ammonia in the dye and there isn't the strong chemical smell that other dyes produce. It is gentle to the hair and scalp and does not sting like other dyes might. In addition, it is absolutely safe for pregnant ladies too! Cynthia was sharing with me that doctors do advise pregnant ladies to avoid dyeing their hair but you can be assured that this hair dye is completely safe!

Another plus point of the organic dye is that the colour gets shinier with every wash!  

 photo P4234914-1.jpg
This was first applied onto my hair

 photo P4234912.jpg

 photo P4234922.jpg
My two hairstylists colouring my hair very meticulously and efficiently

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 photo P4234938.jpg

 photo P4234954.jpg
After my first hairwash! I'm not a fan of head massages or any form of massages at all but the head massages that I received here were really comfortable and I actually almost dozed off!

 photo P4234967.jpg
Proceeded with the five step Mucota treatment

The Mucota Treatment repairs damaged hair by "pumping" protein into your hair.
The effects can be seen and felt immediately after the treatment!
In addition, the Mucota Treatment contains anti-aging elements which will do your scalp and precious hair nothing but good!
If your hair requires a more intensive treatment, a 7 step Mucota Treatment is available

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 photo P4234986.jpg
Rinsed my hair a total of 4 times!

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When I was told that the effects can be seen and felt instantly, I was pretty skeptical. I mean, how can it possibly be THAT good? But when I felt my hair after the blow-dry, I was not only amazed, but awfully convinced!

Can you see that my hair is not as frizzy and dry as it was before the entire hair treatment?

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Love the volume and curves that Cynthia gave my hair! If I had done volume rebonding, my hair will look like this all the time!

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Thank you Cynthia for giving me such pretty hair!

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There is a range of Mucota products that you can purchase for home use to aid in the repair of your hair. If you dye your hair pretty often, you really should consider doing the Mucota Treatment before proceeding with another hair dyeing session! The Mucota Treatment can be carried out in between hair dyeing and other forms of treatment such as rebonding, so that your hair can be revitalized before going through another round of change!

Koinonia Salon prides itself in providing top notch service and I was impressed by how friendly and nice everyone was! I was observing how other patrons were being treated and I honestly think that service was very commendable. The hairstylists are very experienced and you can definitely entrust your beloved locks to them!

Hair Cut : $85
Organic hair dye : $200
Mucota Treatment : $270
Volume Rebonding : $380 onwards

Koinonia Salon is currently running a Mothers' Day promotion!
Visit Koinonia with your mummy from 5th to 12th May for any hair service(except haircut) and receive a 20% discount!

You can also enjoy a 15% discount off Argan Oil Treatment for the entire month of May!

9 Scotts Road, #03-03
Pacific Plaza


Love, K

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