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9 Pretty Cafes in Taipei that You Will Love

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This is almost a year late but better late than never right! Haha. X and I went to Taipei last summer right after we got back from Europe. We almost didn't have time to pack and were somewhat jetlagged haha. But anyway, we were there for two weeks and we went to quite a number of cafes and eateries worth mentioning(will be coming up in another post) and it was a really fruitful holiday!

Here's sharing with you 9 of the cafes that we adore
My camera died on the trip so a part of our holiday wasn't documented unfortunately.

But nonetheless, here you go!

A Poet
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Pan-fried seafood with tomato sauce, omelet, olives, baby onions and ciabatta - 360NT

We loved everything about A Poet! From its location, to its rustic charm, to its captivating ambience to the food! The drinks and food are alot pricier than most cafes and the portions are way smaller but these brunch items are certainly worth a try! The iced latte(160TWD) was really smooth and nice too!

No. 9, Lane 295, Section 1,
Dunhua South Rd, Daan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

September Cafe
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This lychee cake was light and fluffy, with real lychee pieces!
A quiet cafe with a simple and relaxing vibe that serves up interesting and yummy desserts! We also had a glass of iced latte and caramel tea latte and the entire bill was 770NT

Daan Dist, Si wei Rd,
alley 14, no.2-1,
Taipei, Taiwan

VVG Bistro
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VVG stands for Very Very Good and the VVG group owns a couple of restaurants and lifestyle stores in Taipei. We went to VVG Bistro which is really pretty with a large alfresco area but is certainly a little difficult to locate. Keep your eyes peeled!

 photo P6083406-1.jpg
Roast Pork Ribs rubbed with Chilli-Coriander-Fennel Seeds, served with herb potatoes - 480NT

 photo P6083407.jpg
Roast Thyme Mustard Chicken, served with seasonal vegetables - 460NT

20, Alley 40, Lane 181,
Zhongxiao E Rd, Sec 4, 

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 photo P6143959-1.jpg
Picnic is famous for scones and their handmade and handwritten menu impressed us! We picked the duo set(180NT) and it comes with sour cream, your choice of jam and a spread. I chose cream cheese and caramel butter and walnut and I thought the spreads were really outstanding! The walnut scone had a strong walnut taste but was too hard to cut through and we preferred the raisin scone. My iced butterscotch latte was quite a letdown though

No. 75,
Wenzhou St, Daan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Le Petit Patissier 雷斯理
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A little cottage decked in cheery colours is definitely my weakness. I fell in love with the place even before trying the food!

 photo P6143903-1.jpg

 photo P6143921.jpg
Smoked Salmon Quiche(190NT) and Lemon Cream Chicken(350NT)
The lemon cream chicken was really delightful with tender chicken pieces and a subtle lemon cream which does not overwhelm and we really enjoyed it!

We also tried their bestselling Apple Tart which was topped with apple pieces soaked in alcohol. Not the best dessert we've had but pretty interesting with a layer of chocolate embedded at the bottom of the tart. You can top up to purchase the set which comes with a drink and dessert!

74 Wenzhou Street,
Daan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Hi, Ryou  photo P6073258.jpg
We were staying at Shi Da Road, right opposite the night market, and Hi, Ryou was very near our place! We went there for brunch at around 3 and most of their brunch items were already out

 photo P6073276.jpg
Their quiche and cakes were pretty average but I liked their coffee. It's quite a nice place to just chill your afternoon away!

No. 24-1
Pucheng St, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

For Good
 photo P6154104.jpg
We were looking for the cafe Flat White but it has been changed to For Good

 photo P6154113-1.jpg
We had a glass of iced latte and a banana tart which were pretty decent and we could tell that For Good is very popular from how packed it was on a weeknight !

No.12, Lane 41
Yong Kang St, Da-an district

Salt Peanuts
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 photo P6133876-1.jpg
Pear Cider - 200NT

 photo P6133879-1.jpg
Grilled Duck Breast with Orange Sauce - 250NT

 photo P6133884-1.jpg
Roasted Beef Burger Steak - 280NT

The portions were too small so we ordered a bowl of rice, cooked with barley(30NT), to share. The duck and beef were delicious!

 photo P6133895.jpg
Freshly baked Raisin Bread with Poppy Seeds with Cheese Raisin Blocks - 90NT

No. 23, Lane 60
Taishun St, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Cafe Trouve 
Cafe Trouve, Taipei
Picture credit to Iris Hung

We had the Satay Chicken (300NT), Seafood Lasagna (260NT), Marshmallow Mocha (190NT), Iced Latte(170NT) and Apple Pie(140NT)

With a relaxing vibe and good service, it's no wonder Cafe Trouve was packed when we were there on a weekday afternoon! Cafe Trouve is a cafe that will certainly be my regular hangout if it was in Singapore!

No. 4, Ln. 16
Taishun St., Daan Dist
Taipei, Taiwan

Hope this list helps and do let me know which other great cafes I missed out on! I'll really love to visit them when I go to Taipei again! [:


Love, K

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