Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Folks

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Opened by the people behind Creamier, the spanking new Sunday Folks has been drawing crazy crowds ever since its opening. The queue is insane both times I was there and it's amazing how popular they are, especially when they're so so new!

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Thats Waffles posing for the camera. We sat outside because we have the furball with us!

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Waffles with Earl Grey Lavender + Nama Chocolate + Seasalt Chocolate Honeycomb = $10.50 + $1.90 + $1.90

We got the last waffle stack of the night and unfortunately, it was neither warm not crisp. I was really disappointed because I've heard nothing but praise for Creamier's waffles. I like the seasalt chocolate honeycomb but there were only about three pieces.

On my second visit, I tried the cone with seasalt gula melaka soft serve ($7.20), topped with gula melaka sauce and Japanese dango. I prefer the seasalt gula melaka soft serve to the earl grey lavender one and thought the combination was pretty awesome!

Will be back for more since I'm always at Holland Village. Hope the waffles will be better the next time round. And will definitely give the cakes a shot too!

44 Jalan Merah Saga
Chip Bee Gardens
Tuesday-Sunday : 12pm-10pm


Love, K
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