Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tian Kee & Co

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Hipster quotient : High

Replacing a fifty four year old provision shop is this eye-catching cafe that has popped up in the quiet and sleepy Dakota Crescent estate

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Tian Kee & Co exudes an old world charm with its wooden and metal furnishings. The most noteworthy characteristic of this place, to me, is probably the absence of air-conditioning.

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Most of the desserts available are outsourced

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Yuan Yang Cheesecake
I wasn't impressed by the highly raved about cheesecake. I guess I'm not big on the combination of coffee and tea

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Iced Snag - $6.50
This signature drink has been garnering alot of attention on social media and I already knew that I wanted to try it even before I got here. We were told to drink it layer by layer, to taste the differences present. The top layer is basically coffee, the middle layer milk, and the final and bottom layer, rose syrup. A unique drink definitely, but not something that tickled my tastebuds for sure.

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Pink Lady - $5
Essentially a glass of warm bandung, the pink lady was surprisingly comforting and pleasant. It's the kind of drink that I'll crave on a cold day.

There's a public carpark just a stone's throw away and the MRT station is nearby too so it's no mean feat getting here!

Will return to try their icecream and brunch someday!

Dakota Crescent, #01-48
Daily : 8am-9pm


Love, K
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