Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Day Buffet @ STREET 50

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Exclusively and only available on National Day, 9th August, is the National Day Buffet at STREET 50 at Bay Hotel. Celebrating the nation's 49th birthday, the buffet is priced at $49++ for adults. With three paying diners, the fourth diner gets to enjoy the feast at a whopping $4.90++! What better way to commemorate the occasion by indulging in local delights, with a contemporary touch!

The highlights of the buffet are featured in this post. The Tiger Prawns with Warm Ginger Sauce was a hot favourite! Marinated with ginger sauce and paired with homemade ginger dip, it almost sounds like it was gonna be too heavy on ginger but the juicy prawns were really delicious and the ginger did not overpower the sweetness of the prawns

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Steamed Hainanese Chicken

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With Breaded Rice Balls
Have you tried the famous chicken rice balls in Malacca? This instantly reminded me of those rice balls, with a unique twist. Coated with Japanese bread crumbs before being deep fried, the rice balls retain a mild flavour of chicken rice with a delightful crisp and crunch

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Chilli Crab Penne
Available at the live station, the chilli crab penne is freshly prepared and diners are able to select the level of spiciness.

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Paper Wrapped Chicken Risotto
Marinated for six hours with Chinese herbs and spices, these chicken mid-wings are stuffed with Arborio rice, before being wrapped and fried. An obvious combination of the east and west, and a very interesting interpretation of the traditional paper wrapped herbal chicken

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Yam Paste with Coconut Cream and Gingko Nut
A little salty but wonderfully put together, this was an absolute hit! I've always loved yam paste and the salty hint in this was refreshing.

Diners can also expect to see chilled seafood, Teochew braised duck, braised sea cucumber with baby abalone and lots more!

The buffet will be available from 630pm-10pm on National Day.
Hurry and make a reservation now!

Bay Hotel
50 Telok Blangah Road


Love, K

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