Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whale & Cloud

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Up bright and early on a Saturday morning, we made our way to a cosy cafe that cannot be better hidden. Sitting quietly in the back alley, you're right where you're headed when you come across a striking blue door, and an eye catching "OPEN" and 48 3/4 on a white wall. Knock gently and your wish to enter will be granted.

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I was really amazed by how beautiful the place was! It was cozy and definitely somewhere that I can spend an entire day just reading at. I bumped into Wendy, the owner of Kisses Bakery who introduced me to Olivia, one of the owners of Whale & Cloud! The owners of Whale & Cloud hold day jobs and therefore this gem of a cafe which was started out of a hobby is only open on weekends. So cool that Olivia, Wendy and I are all from ACJC!

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The bakes available at Whale & Cloud right now are sourced from Kisses and you certainly wouldn't want to miss their famous red velvet($4) and the new carrot cake with maple cream cheese($5)! The lemon blueberry loaf looks awesome too!

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Once you're seated, you'll be asked if you'll like to have black or white coffee. There isn't a menu or a price list so pay as you wish! The beans used at Whale & Cloud change almost every week or fortnightly. As the owners travel really often, they bring back beans from all over the world! I saw Monmouth beans on the counter and went crazy for a moment haha. The coffee beans used on the day that I was there were from Omotesando Koffee in Tokyo. I've tried the coffee once and I really loved it! It's a really fantastic idea to feature different beans all the time!

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Open from 9am-4pm or till beans run out, this cafe is fast becoming the next big thing! The ambience here can't be found or felt elsewhere and the exclusivity will make you appreciate the space even more!

Really hope that they open on weekdays soon so I can pop by on my off day!

If you're driving, do park at the public carpark next to Rex Cinemas.

It was really nice meeting you Olivia! All the very best and I'll see you again soon! [:

48 Niven Road
Weekends : 9am- 4pm


Love, K
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