Friday, August 8, 2014

Pezzo Pizza Launches 2 New Pizza Flavours!

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Picture credit to Pezzo Pizza

The kind people behind Pezzo Pizza planned a boat ride down Singapore River for the launch of their new pizza flavours! Pezzo Pizza is launching Singa Laksa pizza and Chicken Rendang pizza to commemorate and celebrate our nation's 49th birthday. How wonderfully apt to introduce these two local flavours into their existing menu!

 photo P8016809.jpg
As we cruised along the beautiful Singapore River, we had the good fortune of savouring the pizzas while enjoying a gorgeous view. My partner-in-crime for the day thoroughly enjoyed the pizzas as can be seen evidently from the 5 huge slices of pizzas that he happily gobbled down!

 photo P8016781.jpg
Chicken Rendang - $4.90/slice  
The pizza is covered generously with yummy toppings and I particularly liked the thickness of the crust! For such a big slice, $4.90 is certainly a steal!

 photo P8016798.jpg
Singa Laksa Pizza - $4.90/slice
Embedded in Pezzo's secret pizza dough are crab meat, squid, tuna, prawns, tau pok and laksa leaves. A delightful mix of ingredients paired with a laksa paste that is the product of extensive research and development, the laksa pizza is unique but familiar. And also, a tad too spicy for me (remember not to take my word for it because my level of tolerance is almost zilch haha)

 photo P8016813.jpg
Just breathtaking.

I thought it was awfully clever to have us enjoy pretty sights and great pizzas at the same time! You can now grab these new exciting flavours at all 16 Pezzo outlets in Singapore! Pick and choose from their wide selection and form your very own "whole" pizza! Perfect for anything from small gatherings to large parties!

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