Friday, August 15, 2014

Pince & Pints

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Burger & Lobster has been on my mind ever since my visit to London. So when I heard that Pince & Pints is opening here, I was beyond excited! I saw a couple of pictures and couldn't help but note the almost identical reproduction. I really wanted to dine here but also heard about the crazy queue and no reservation policy. So I got my awesome friend, Iggy, to help me with reservations as he knows the owner! And yes, lucky me got to dine here on my birthday!

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We got the cozy corner right next to the glass window panels, completed with cushion seats and I have to say that we had the best table in the house!

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Lobster is done four ways here and we ordered all four variations! We also had a couple of alcoholic beverages and a refreshing iced lychee tea to kickstart the night

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After all the lobster sets have been served, the server took time to tell us more about the dishes
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Grilled or Steamed Whole Lobster - $48++
We preferred the grilled lobster to the steamed one. Served with herb butter sauce, I thought that the sauce could have been tastier. Was kinda hoping to taste the same lemon butter sauce that I had at Burger & Lobster. Well, I know I shouldn't be comparing.. But I feel that the sauce could be improved! The lobster meat was so plump and juicy and oh my, biting into the pincers was just .. wow.

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The Lobster Roll - $48++
I had the lobster roll at Burger & Lobster, and I couldn't stop raving about it and now I can't stop raving about this! Freshly baked in-house and pan seared in butter, the soft bun was so good that it can be devoured on its own. Coupled with plump and juicy lobster meat, I honestly don't know how much better it can get! Simply divine. The lobster roll was served with garlic aioli, which was more well-loved than the herb butter sauce. This was just so so good and everyone loved it!

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Chilli Lobster - $48++
The highlight for me, was the chilli lobster. Didn't think that anything could top the lobster roll but this was incredible! The tomato-based gravy wasn't spicy and it carried a hint of sweetness. I had five nicely fried mantous with this and I wanted to pack the remaining gravy and another ten mantous home!

I really adore how fresh, juicy and well-cooked the lobsters were. The staff were friendly and attentive and service was commendable. I really enjoyed my birthday celebration here!

Our party of five had four sets of lobsters to share and we were so full. The bill came up to about $320 for the five of us and I felt that it was worth every penny.

I'll be back again for sure!

Thank you Iggy and Freddy for making my birthday dinner at Pince & Pints possible! [:

32-33 Duxton Road
Monday-Saturday : 5pm - 11pm


Love, K

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