Monday, November 17, 2014


Media Invite

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30licious is well underway and if you haven't checked out the participating restaurants, you definitely should right now! In this post, we bring you two other restaurants that are on board 30licious

The Wejs LLP

Owned by a Tunisian-born Singaporean footballer, you can expect to get pretty authentic Tunisian cuisine here. Located at a far corner of the Rochester area, The Wejs is near Anglo Chinese Junior College (oh, how I missed my alma mater) and a multi-storey carpark.

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Starter : Chicken and Spinach Soup OR

 photo PB069506.jpgSalade Mechouia

 photo PB069498.jpg
Main : Chakchouka OR

 photo PB069490.jpg
Tunisian Chicken Couscous 

 photo PB069515.jpg
Dessert : Mixed fruit cocktail


UNA is so pretty and it is certainly one of those places that you will wanna bring your date!
 photo PB069535.jpg
We started the meal with a glass of Malacapa Rioja, which is part of the 30licious menu, and a bread basket

 photo PB069556.jpg
Amuse Bouche

 photo PB069577.jpg
Main : Seafood and Chicken Paella OR

 photo PB069587.jpg
Pluma Iberica

 photo PB069601.jpg
Dessert : Churros/ A scoop of icecream

Do grab this wonderful chance to enjoy these specially tailored menus, especially if you have an AMEX card! Just two more weeks to go!


Love, K

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