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Media Invite

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30licious is back again! Still jointly presented by Amercian Express and HungryGoWhere, 30licious is bigger and better with new participating restaurants! Over the course of 30 days, from 3rd November to 2nd December, American Express card members can enjoy specially tailored 30licious menus at more than 30 restaurants across our sunny little island at just $30++

Don't worry if you don't have an American Express card, you'll still be able to enjoy these meticulously curated menus at $35++ *

Featured in this post are just 2 of more than 30 dining establishments on board 30licious

Wan He Lou
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The 30licious Lobster Porridge Set menu at Wan He Lou consists of the following six items at just $30++ for American Express card holders.
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Wan He Lou Seafood Gyoza

 photo PA219191.jpg
Chef Style Smoked Duck

 photo PA219209.jpg
Signature Lobster Porridge 
The highlight for me was definitely the lobster porridge. The soup was packed with flavour and the lingering sweetness was especially memorable.

 photo PA219219.jpg
Green Dragon Vegetable with Dried Shrimp

 photo PA219231.jpg
Tangy Honey Pork Choplets

 photo PA219238.jpg
Dessert of the week
A very interesting take on a local dessert, pulut hitam.

For $30++, this meal is definitely a steal!

65 Maude Rd
Daily: 11am - 2.30pm, 5pm - 10.30pm

A For Arbite
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The set menu at A for Arbite comes with a drink, starter, main and dessert
 photo PA219275.jpg
Drink : any non-alcoholic beverage

I picked the Pear and Mint, which was a refreshing concoction especially popular with ladies

 photo PA219254.jpg
Starter : Choice of soup of the day OR

 photo PA219257.jpg
Duck Roll

 photo PA219302.jpg
Main : Choice of Beef Daube OR

 photo PA219309.jpg
Salted Egg Crab Pasta 

 photo PA219329.jpg
Dessert : Choice of Edith's Mess OR

 photo PA219348.jpg
Honey and Date Creme Brulee

If you actually add up the total cost of this meal, it will be an estimated $50++! But for the month of November, patrons get to enjoy this set at just $30++ or $35++!

*Do note that some restaurants will not be offering these set menus to non-American Express card holders.

Hop over to for the list of participating restaurants and to make your reservations!


Love, K

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