Friday, November 14, 2014

Masumi Sake

Media Invite

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The most celebrated premium sake makers in Japan have come to Singapore! Masumi Sake, in collaboration with and Liang Court have organized an eight-day dining experience which commences on 17th November. Over the course of eight days, patrons can enjoy the Karakuchi Kiippon and Karakuchi Gold sakes in food pairing sessions at Kensai Kitchen, Okinawa Diner, Tanyoto and Ikeikemaru

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We had the opportunity to try four different sakes and they all tasted largely different with defining characteristics. Sanka, was the first and the best one that we tried. It was light and the sweetest of the lot. And surprisingly, the one with the highest alcohol content, considering how it was the smoothest and easiest to drink.

The two sakes that patrons will get to try during the eight course dining experience are the Karakuchi Gold and Karakuchi Kiippon. The former is fuller-bodied and sweeter as compared to the latter which is drier.

If you're looking to get a taste of the premium Masumi Sake, do make your way down to the participating restaurants starting 17th November!


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