Wednesday, February 4, 2015

D'sire Hair

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 photo P1282041.jpg
I've finally done something to my hair after not touching it for eight months! I mean, I've had a couple of trims here and there but nothing major. This is the second time that I'm colouring my hair and Senior Stylist Jeff at Dsire Hair at Far East Plaza, picked a mix of brown, red and violet for me!

 photo P1281919.jpg
My hair was a very dark shade of brown prior to the colouring session

 photo P1281925.jpg

 photo P1281928.jpg

 photo P1281965.jpg

 photo P1282026.jpg
My hair colour was a result of a mixture of 5MR and

 photo P1282025.jpg

The dyes used here are imported from Italy and contain an active substance which restructures and restores the brightness of treated hair.

 photo P1281992.jpg

 photo P1282003.jpg
After a hairwash

To be really honest, I was very impressed with the hairwash. I've had my hair washed at some of the top salons in Singapore and sometimes, it just doesn't feel very "thorough". Like some parts weren't really washed well. You know that kinda feeling? But my hairwash here was pretty much flawless. The massage was comfortable and it felt like alot of patience and heart was placed into the washing of my hair

 photo P1282012.jpg

 photo P1282024.jpg
This was how my hair looked like after it was blown dry. All done in 1.5hours! And then with 7 minutes left on the clock, Jeff gave me some soft curls!

 photo P1282041.jpg
And tadah! This was how I looked that night and I was so pleased! Gonna make those curls permanent next time!

Keratin and hair tonic were also applied to my hair and my hair felt so smooth and soft and smelled so good that I didn't wash it for two whole days hahaha please don't judge, I really didn't want to lose those curls plus my hair was so soft!

 photo P1282050.jpg
Jeff and me!

A full hair colouring session with Jeff will cost around $135 and a haircut around $40 for my hair length. Other hair services available include thinning hair scalp treatment, keratin therapy, ammonia-free colour and lots more! Prices range from $35-$80 for a haircut and $105-$185 for hair colouring

There's no surcharge for Chinese New Year and you can get a 20% discount off all hair services when you quote "KIMBERLEY"

Do give them a call to book an appointment as soon as possible because from what I know, they're pretty packed already!

Thank you Jeff, Joey and Dsire Hair!

Facebook :
Instagram : @dsirehair
Tel : 67376343

Far East Plaza
Monday - Friday : 11am-8pm
Saturday : 11am - 7pm


Love, K

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