Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eight Golden Trove @ Quayside Seafood

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'Toss to Longevity, Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment' by the quayside with this luxurious yusheng ($128.80) topped with Australian lobster, tuna, salmon roe, conch and sea urchin! Quayside Seafood offers up an impressive Chinese New Year menu in a casual and relaxing setting by the water.

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A meal with a view!

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“Prosperous” Pipa Tofu  - $68.80
Tofu elevated with the addition of fresh crabmeat, diced prawns, Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoot slices and minced water chestnuts

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Deep-Fried “Prosperous” Fresh Oysters - $58.80
These perfectly-cooked oysters were huge, and incredibly fresh. And everyone was full of nothing but praises for them! That light crunch that opens up into a soft inside was certainly deserving of all the attention.

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“Reaping Good Fortune” Baked Rack of Lamb - $78.80
Marinated for an hour with a special concoction of various sauces, the lamb rack is then pan-seared on each side for thirty seconds before it is cooked at 180 degrees in an oven. Truffle oil and toasted sesame seeds are added to enhance the taste of the grass-fed lamb

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“Prosperity All Year Round” Baked Turbot Fish with Whole Garlic in Claypot - $15/100g
First steamed for five minutes before being claypot-baked with burnt garlic for eight minutes, we have here a nicely executed whole fish topped generously with roasted garlic. The garlic was fragrant but a little overwhelming

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“Completeness & Overflowing Wealth” Whole Lobster & Seafood Treasures Pen-Cai - $328.80 (serves 6, additional diners at $53 each)
The pen-cai dazzled with a myriad of premium ingredients. Think lobster, scallops, South African Spiked Sea Cucumber, Alaskan Crab Claws and king prawns. Are you captivated already? Oh and that's just five of the thirteen ingredients incorporated. The broth could be tastier, thicker and richer though.

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“Harmonious” Claypot Prawns with Tang Hoon / Crystal Rice Vermicelli - $58.80
I didn't think that I was gonna be impressed by this but I was blown away. The crystal rice vermicelli is fried in premium oyster jus with fresh garlic and Chinese parsley and the texture and taste of the vermicelli will win your heart, like it won mine. Not forgetting those fresh crunchy prawns. This was undoubtedly one of my favourite dishes of the night!

I really enjoyed dining at Quayside Seafood. Not only was the food delicious, the ambience had me at hello.

Blk 3A Clarke Quay, Alfresco
Sunday-Thursday : 3pm -12am
Friday-Saturday, Eve of PH : 3pm-1am


Love, K

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