Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tomo Izakaya

Media Invite

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Same festive season, same communal dining concept, but different cuisine. How does a Japanese-inspired reunion dinner sound? The three festive menus available cater to groups of 4 to 10 pax and they feature at least eight authentic Japanese dishes including this creative yusheng tower that comes with amaebi, tobiko, kanpachi and salmon. We tried the $666 menu catered for 6-8 people. Read on to find out what to expect!

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Simmered Duck, Unagi with Cucumber, Edamame, Deep Fried Baby River Prawn, Marinated Octopus Wasabi
Of the lot, our favourite has to be the marinated octopus wasabi which was crunchy, and that kick of wasabi wasn't choking and was in fact, very addictive! The unagi was rubbery and tough though and could be very much better prepared

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Tuna Sushi 
Those melt-in-your-mouth slices of tuna were too good to even describe. Your eyes will go wide and you will involuntarily savour every bite slowly because they were, just that good.

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Deep Fried Whole White Meat Fish with Japanese Yuzu Sauce
The fish fell short of leaving an impression and was unfortunately, plain. Even with the yuzu sauce, the meat was bland.

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Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salad
I've always been a fan of soft shell crab and it's actually difficult to get delicious soft shell crab in Singapore. They're most often either almost meat-less or the batter is so thick that you can hardly taste any crab at all. But these were pretty perfect to me

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Braised Pork Soft Rib Bone with Japanese Rice Cake 
The sticky rice cake didn't quite work for me but the pork was really tender and robust in flavour. Definitely one of the highlights of the meal!

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Hokkaido Dessert Plate
Mochi, warabi, azuki, matcha. This dessert platter is a pleaser and what was most outstanding was definitely those mochi balls coated in a salty brown sauce! So good I can eat 20 at a go!

If you're looking for a different dining experience this Chinese New Year, you might want to consider Tomo Izakaya!

Clarke Quay
3A River Valley Road

Sunday- Thursday : 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 1am
Friday, Saturday, Eve of PH : 6pm - 3am


Love, K

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