Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Set Lunch Menu @ Caffe B

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Amidst designer labels and luxury brands on the second level of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand is Caffe B, a restaurant that dishes out Italian-Japanese cuisine. You would think that a meal here will cost a bomb but the daily set lunch menu is surprisingly affordable. We'll let you decide if its worth a visit

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As with every meal at Italian restaurants, bread is served at the start

Starter(two options)
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Potato and Prosciutto Salad
An obvious fusion of Japanese and Italian flavours, this appetizer was certainly a great idea. I thought it was quite smart to balance out the strong salty flavours in the ham and bonito flakes with a neutral ingredient

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Chef’s Fresh Pot of the Day
We had tomato soup that day and it was rich and flavourful but not overwhelmingly thick. Easy on the palate, simple and comforting

Main Course (Four options)
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Tuna Sake Tataki
I had a look at every portion that was served to our table and I realised an inconsistency in the tuna. Mine, for one, was overcooked and tough. A fellow blogger kindly gave me a piece from her plate, and that was much better prepared. This dish comes with homemade hashbrown and the portion seems to be pretty small for a main course but should work for those with smaller appetites.

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Beef Verde
This was Black Angus and I never would have thought that this was premium beef. Honestly, this cut certainly didn't taste anything like beef. It was edible, for sure, but underwhelming and disappointing. Served with edamame and potatoes that were not quite as tender as promised and I wouldn't recommend this option

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Chicken Lasagne Parmegiano
Think spinach  pasta, shiitake, eggplants, bechamel, pomodoro and Mozzarella. Nothing fancy, simple, no frills and just about satisfying enough

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Vegetarian Pasta Alla Fungi
This was the highlight of the night and if I were to recommend a main course, it will certainly be this. Al dente spaghetti in a delicious cream sauce and juicy mushrooms just can't go wrong. I can promise that you won't just say "It's alright. How nice can spaghetti get?" This was good, and pretty damn good at that.

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Trio Profiteroles
Freshly baked, apparently, and each filled with chocolate cream, red bean or matcha. Didn't exactly feel that fresh to me, and I only had the chocolate one which was alright.

I think the set lunch menu is affordable, especially for its location and ambience, but they still have quite a fair bit to work on. If you're planning to make a trip here for lunch, do share your sentiments with me after! This lunch set is available daily from 12pm to 3pm.

Oh yes, the bar has a pretty good view and vibe and it is always fully booked come occasions with a showcase of fireworks so you might want to consider Caffe B for the upcoming National Day Parade

2 Bayfront Avenue
B1-15 & 01-83
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Lunch : 12pm –3pm
Afternoon Refreshment : 3pm -6pm
Dinner : 6pm –10pm
Late Night Snacks : 10pm –1am


Love, K

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