Monday, March 30, 2015

Ippudo @ Shaw Centre

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A name that always pops into minds when ramen comes into question is Ippudo. Ippudo is a global chain that has achieved remarkable success in many countries. The fifth and newest Ippudo outlet, in Singapore, has opened in the heart of Orchard. Located in Shaw Centre, do note that the easiest way to get here is to take the elevators in the office tower, opposite Pacific Plaza, to level 4.

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Tako Wasabi - $6
This was a simple dish of chilled raw octopus in wasabi sauce but it packs a huge punch. I'm not good with spice as my readers would have known by now, but I couldn't keep myself away from this. Every bite possessed that addictive kick that had me hooked and we had a second serving of this!

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Teriyaki Chicken - $13
Available for dinner only, the pan-fried chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce on hot plate was average at most. As much as the chicken thigh was tender, this just wasn't a dish that I'd choose for dinner but it's an option for diners who don't fancy ramen

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Beef Tataki - $6
No doubt one of the best dishes that night, this is a must-order at Ippudo. Extremely, and shockingly, wallet-friendly, you would think that this dish warrant a higher price tag after tasting it. For $6, you get lightly pan seared well-marbled prime beef slices in a citrus soy sauce that will render you speechless. Incredible and utterly delicious

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Tan Tan Tonkotsu - $16
(exclusive to this outlet)

We were told to mix the soup thoroughly, have a taste, before mixing in squeezed lemon juice. The lemon juice did give the soup a slightly refreshing edge and a small hint of bitter aftertaste. Very interesting but this was too spicy for me, unfortunately. One mouthful of the soup and I'm out. My partner-in-crime of the day enjoyed it though! Also, at Ippudo, diners get to choose the hardness of their noodles and we were recommended to go with hard and they were quite the perfect texture for me.

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Akamaru Shin-Aji + Tamago - $16 + $3
A mainstay at Ippudo, the Akamaru Shin-Aji comes in two sizes($13/$16). A modern-style ramen of Ippudo's original Tonkotsu broth, miso paste, garlic oil and thin noodles, topped with black fungus, pork belly and spring onions. Satisfying and comforting

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Kakuni - $5
That melt-in-your-mouth tenderness is always my weakness. An add-on that you shouldn't miss!

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Ippudo Original Buns - $4/$9
Another item that I always order when I come by Ippudo is the famous buns! Much like the Chinese kong bak pau except that it comes with Japanese mayo

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Kurogoma Ice with Shiratama
I wasn't keen on any of the three dessert because strawberry, matcha and black sesame just weren't my thing but we decided to try this anyway and boy was it delicious! The black sesame icecream was creamy, rich and smooth with an intense black sesame flavour. And it comes with dango (a type of mochi)! I always love chewing on mochi even though they're somewhat tasteless. But this combination was awesome and you should definitely try it!

Ippudo is expanding quickly in Singapore and they will be opening a new express outlet that dishes out takeaway ramen, light bites and salads in Terminal 3 come April. A sake bar next to this Ippudo outlet at Shaw Centre is in the works too. Exciting year ahead for Ippudo! If you're craving ramen for lunch, you might wanna check out their weekday lunch sets too!

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre
Daily: 11.30am - 10pm


Love, K

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