Thursday, August 20, 2015

AEIOU @ King George's Avenue

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It isn't difficult to locate AEIOU but the absence of a signboard means that you need to know exactly how the place looks. The tell-tale signs are vintage chairs and metal grills on the outside of the cafe and you just can't miss those eye-catching words "Oriental Antique House"

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I really really love what the good people behind AEIOU have done with the place. So much effort has been placed into the decoration of the space. There's this whole rustic and vintage charm going on and so many adorable things to see and marvel over.

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They're also famous for those re-purposed vodka bottles

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Can you see the cute matching dinosaurs?

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Avocado Coffee - $8
Creamy, smooth and thick, the avocado blend is a unique and rich treat that is enlivened by the addition of coffee. I'll suggest not adding the entire cup of coffee into the avocado mix as it might be too strong for you. We added about half and it was good for us

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Half Roasted Chicken - $16.90
Do allow a preparation time of about 20 minutes for this. The chicken was tender and juicy but unfortunately, wasn't cooked very well. Our chicken had pretty huge red patches towards the middle. The edible parts of the chicken were still enjoyable, especially with the mustard dip

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Sunny Side-up Eggs with Duck Confit - $13.90
Nothing much to shout about, but more duck would be very much appreciated.

We also had the popular Root Vegetables Fries ($7.90) which, I noticed, made an appearance on almost every occupied table. Simple, but definitely, satisfying.

AEIOU is a place where I can spend an entire afternoon just catching up with good company. Love the overall vibe of the place and efficient service. Parking lots are available right next to the cafe so that's a plus point!

111 King George's Avenue
Tuesday - Thursday : 11am - 10pm
Friday : 11am - 11pm
Saturday : 10am - 11pm
Sunday : 10am - 9pm


Love, K

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