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Park Bench Deli @ 179 Telok Ayer Road

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Is this sight reminiscient of a popular Vietnamese dish? The boys at Park Bench Deli have been dazzling huge crowds at pop-ups and they finally have a physical space to call their own. Opened by a team of three who come from pretty impressive backgrounds, the sandwiches rolled out at this cool joint are not just a sight, but a taste to behold too

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PBD was born one random night when this playful and cheeky bunch decided to whip up the craziest sandwiches with the available ingredients in their kitchen after watching some videos on droolworthy sarnies. They then thought, hey! we could actually really make this work and got down to it

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Possibly the largest and prettiest takeaway joint you can find in Singapore, two-week old PBD proudly boasts a open kitchen concept and a large work table where patrons can see their grub freshly made. See that slanted glass column? A terrarium is in the works!

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Some of the sides available at PBD. That potato salad, I approve.

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Can you guess what's first on the menu?

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Cheese Steak 
Yes this is PBD's take on the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Unpretentious, no frills, just seared sliced beef, sauteed onions and a homemade cheese sauce on freshly baked buns. I saw that generous amount of cheese being poured onto the beef and I felt a little uncomfortable because I'm really not big on cheese. And I was, of course, understandably a little hesitant to try this but oh my goodness, this was divine. The guys hollowed out the freshly baked roll to accommodate a small mountain of beef and this is seriously the only sandwich I've encountered that has more meat than bread. Definitely the best, and my favourite, sandwich I've had in Singapore!

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Fried Chicken Sandwich

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Fat slabs of boneless chicken thighs are first flavoured before being cooked sous vide, then marinated in buttermilk overnight before they are tossed in flour and spices and deep-fried to perfection. A tedious preparation that yields satisfying and amazing results. Bite into that thin crispy batter and you'll find yourself sinking your teeth into really tender and juicy chicken that is so very tasty. Paired with cold corn and cabbage slaw and smothered with Russian dressing on one side of the bun, this is fingerlicking good. Not even surprising that this is one of the bestsellers at PBD!

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Kong Bak Banh Mi 
Fatty pork belly that I love very much is braised for 24 hours in a homemade sauce that comes from a family recipe and needless to say, the result is a crazy tender melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Accompanied with a thick caramelised kong bak sauce, the pork belly is indeed very delicious on its own. In the sandwich, it is contrasted with a pickle mix that stole some of the pork belly's thunder because of its strong taste. I adore that sprinkle of spicy roasted peanuts though

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An innovative take on the Mexican dish, Cochinita Pibil, PBD tops braised pulled pork shoulder with fresh guacamole, Cotija cheese, pickled onions, pickled jalapenos, fresh salsa and a handful of crispy pork crackling. Vegetables are pickled to dull their spiciness so that the sandwich is a more harmonious one. Unfortunately, for me, this was pretty underwhelming. I could hardly taste the pulled pork with the myriad of flavours going on.

I really like the Cheese Steak Sandwich and Fried Chicken Sandwich at Park Bench Deli and will definitely return for them. That meat to sandwich ratio is crazy and I can't wait to indulge in them again! I can't wait to see what they're gonna put on the menu next too!

* This was a media preview

179 Telok Ayer Road
Monday - Friday : 9am - 3pm



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