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Flor Patisserie(Duxton Hill) - New Space, New Cakes!

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Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill celebrates her fifth birthday with a brand new look, a much larger space and a new range of cakes. Flor Patisserie has always been one of my favourite bakeries. Their Japanese-inspired French pastries are always light, easy on the palate and always leave me craving for more. You can be sure of the quality and freshness of the cakes at Flor as they are freshly baked daily and are crafted using only the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world.

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Loyal fans of Flor will be more than pleased to know that they now have alot more seats and tables!

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Iced Latte 
Perhaps coffee is not their strong suit because mine was pretty sour and bitter

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The selection of tea looks interesting and the tea set is very pretty so I say go for the tea instead

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Bara - $9.10
Not just a pretty face, the Bara is a stunner on the inside too. Bara consists of a sweet and light rose cremeux, a bed of fluffy sponge cake and longan bavarois. Rose and lychee has been a very popular combination in recent years and I thought that this was just another rendition of that oh-so-famous pairing but I was surprised when I learnt that it was longan and even more surprised when the perfect union of the two flavours hit me. They were truly a match made in heaven and Bara had, in every possible way, stolen my heart.

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Mont Blanc - $9.60
This is Mont Blanc version 2. I have never tried version 1 so I can't say this fared better than its predecessor but I thought that the chestnut flavour was hardly detectable in this. Beneath those strands of chestnut cream is a shortcake base that I felt was a tad dry.

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Blue Donut - $7.40
The very pretty blue is derived naturally by heat-infusing dried butterfly pea flower in milk. This creation was quite a strange one for me, because while the blue portion was supposed to be mousse, its texture resembled that of a firm jelly. The whole cake was also somewhat confounding because I couldn't quite make out any flavour except for pistachio. While the cake wasn't bad, it wasn't good either. The yogurt centre and honey-flavoured blue mousse were lost on me.

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Mango Souffle - $7.50
A fluffy and light cheesecake that I'm pretty sure everyone will enjoy. We don't even have to talk about the generous topping of mangoes, because the cake itself is enough of a highlight. This is the kinda cake that's perfect for all occasions, a cake that just can't go wrong. A delightful little slice of happiness that I wouldn't mind having now

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Lemon Tart - $7.50
I love lemon tarts and I liked the sturdy lemon curd of Flor's Lemon Tart which was just of the right tartness for me. The abundance of chantilly cream, though, diluted the taste of the lemon curd. Don't get me wrong, I love cream, especially chantilly, and chantilly cream and lemon tarts is a winning combination but in this case, there was just too much cream. Half that mountain of chantilly, and this is easily one of the better lemon tarts in Singapore

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Chocolate Pillow 
Besides being coated with a rich and smooth dark chocolate ganache, this number possesses several textures and just one bite rendered it an instant favourite. That orange cremeux was really yummy too. It might be a little strong for some but I thought it was pretty flawless. Not a huge fan of the orange-chocolate combination but this was a hit that I think chocolate-lovers should try. This will be released in November

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Green tea mousse and wine-infused green tea sponge that will interest the matcha fanatics. I don't take matcha so from what I gathered, the taste of matcha is very mild and the sponge was a tad dry. Perhaps this could use a little more work. Coming to you in November too!

The strawberry watermelon cake seems to be really popular with everyone but these two ingredients happen to be two of the things that I absolutely do not consume so I didn't try it. Everyone really seemed to like it though! Perhaps the first of this unique combination that is crazy popular in Sydney, here in Singapore. If you need to get your strawberry-watermelon cake fix, you can get it at Flor come November!

I ended the morning with an Earl Grey Cheese Tart ($3.50) which was so good! I'll definitely be back for Bara and my all-time favourite Earl Grey Choco. Would love to try their tofu chiffon cake too!

And oh yes, good news! They have extended their operating hours yay!

* This was a media preview

2 Duxton Hill #01-01
Monday - Sunday : 11am - 9pm


Love, K

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