Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lai Huat Signatures @ Far East Square

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Lai Huat Signatures is a casual dining tze char restaurant in the heart of the central business district. It proves to be a great place for after-work gatherings and regulars can now get a taste of their favourite Sambal Fish at a more centralised location, instead of having to go all the way to East Coast!

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Fish Maw Soup (Small) - $18
A bowl of piping hot soul that comforts the soul might just be what you need after a long day at work. It's a great appetizer to start the meal with. I guarantee that you'll go for seconds!

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Prawn Roll - $10
The prawns rolls here are done pretty well. They are encased in a light crisp batter and the filling has a springy and firm texture. Not overly salty like some I've tasted before, but a tasty little treat with a great bite.

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Crispy Baby Squid - $12
I can understand why this is one of the most popular appetizers at Lai Huat. Crunchy, sweet and spicy, it really opens up your appetite!

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Signature Sambal Fish (Pomfret) - Seasonal Price
This is the first time that I'm having a fried pomfret. I expected the flesh of the fish to be dry and a little tough but it was the complete opposite. This was an enjoyable and refreshing twist to the usual steamed fish for sure and I can see why diners love it, especially with the mountain of sambal that comes along. The Signature Sambal Fish is the bestseller at Lai Huat and if you like your fish fresh with a spicy punch, you know where to go.

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Crab Beehoon - $48
This might just be my favourite dish of the evening. I didn't even care about the crab because I was busy attacking the beehoon. The bee hoon sits in this light broth that was rich in flavours and every bite promises satisfaction.

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Mango Snow Ice
We all crave a sweet end to our day and meals and diners will be pleased to know that Lai Huat serves up various snow ice desserts. We had the mango snow ice with fresh mango pieces and mango sago and it was nothing short of yummy. We were supposed to try the durian version too but it wasn't available but I'm guessing that it would be even yummier than the mango version!

The 120 seater is a great space for families and corporate events. Do make your reservations before heading down!

23 China Street
Far East Square
Daily : 11am - 11pm


Love, K

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