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Easter Sunday Brunch @ The Knolls (Capella Singapore)

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Capella Singapore brings you an extraordinary Easter on 27th March which comprises a lavish brunch, a live cooking show by Guest Chef Fabien Pairon who will be whipping up his famous inspired creations of Charcuterie and French Fusion Cuisine, and an exciting Easter egg hunt which will send guests on a promising quest to fill up their baskets with eggs that contain attractive prizes. I heard a one night stay at the opulent Garden Villa is up for grabs!

Here's a sneak preview of more Easter Specials :
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Samosa RopaVieja, Tomatoes Concassées
Norway Lobster Tartare Mojo  
Crab and Citrus Ravioli Suspended
Sofrito, Relish and Fried Plantain 

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Chilled Velouté of Peas and Mint
Fried Easter Egg, Mushrooms, Thyme Milk Espuma
The fun-filled afternoon will be held in the Grand Ballroom from 1230pm - 3pm and you can be sure that it will be nothing short of amazing.
S$258++ per Adult with free flow of Vintage Taittinger Champagne, boutique wines and
international beers
S$228++ per Adult, with free flow of Magnum Taittinger Champagne, wines, specialty cocktails and international beers
S$188++ per Adult with free flow of specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices (no alcohol)
S$118++ per Child with free flow of specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices (7-12 y/o)
S$78++ per Child free flow of specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices (4-6 y/o)


The Sunday brunch at The Knolls is truly, an indulgent affair that showcases a true taste of The Mediterranean. Expect live stations, fresh seafood on ice, cold cuts, a wide variety of cheeses and breads, a remarkable dessert line-up and more. The Knolls seeks to inject freshness to the buffet line regularly with new additions and brilliant creations whipped up with seasonal produce.

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Freshly shucked oysters from France, Canada and Ireland.

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Pasta cooked ala minute, suckling pig, roast beef, baked sea bass, lamb rolls, sausages and more await at the entrance to The Knolls

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I was blown away by the dessert set-up and spent way too much time taking photos here because everything looks downright gorgeous and they couldn't be more alluring. I'm really sad that I didn't manage to try everything that I wanted to because I was so stuffed but I promise you, the desserts aren't just dressed up pretty, they are really delicious too!

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I loved everything on this plate, especially the churros!

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Chef David is the cutest chef I've ever met. Wearing a bright smile on his face, he roams the restaurant with sparkly eyes, bringing joy to every table with his slick dance moves, jokes and soulful tunes. He made the entire dining experience so much more fun and enjoyable! Also, as you can tell, Chef David and Mr Dennis are immensely proud of their fromage trolley haha

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The band is seriously awesome. I can listen to them all day long.

This is how every Sunday should be like. Pampering yourself with a luxurious brunch at a beautiful location while being serenaded by melodious voices. This is life.

Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297

Sunday Brunch
Sunday : 1230pm - 3pm
$258++ per Adult with free flow of Vintage Taittinger Champagne, boutique wines, international beers and specialty cocktails
$178++ per Adult with free flow of Taittinger Champagne, Specialty cocktails, and Wines
$148++ per Adult with free flow of Wines and Specialty cocktails only (no Champagne)
per Adult with free flow of Specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices (no alcohol)
$78++ per Child with free flow of Specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices ( 7-12 yrs old)
$48++ per Child free flow of Specialty mocktails, soft drinks, and fresh juices (4-6 yrs old)



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