Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Aoki Restaurant (Shaw Centre) - The Best Chirashi in Singapore?

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis mazechirashi set lunch.jpg
The Mazechirashi at Aoki, a fine-dining Japanese restaurant by the Les Amis group, is arguably the best chirashi in Singapore. It has been on my to-eat list for the longest time but it's always so difficult to find people to dine with on weekdays during lunchtime. When my birthday arrived, one of my good friends decided to bring me here. I was ecstatic and couldn't stop going on and on about how excited I was!

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis exterior.jpg
Aoki is not the most conspicuous restaurant so do look out for this!

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis.jpg

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis chef.jpg
Sitting at the counter was such a treat as I got to see the skillful chefs at work. I was so impressed with the chef cutting stuff without even looking at what he was cutting. I was feeling so scared for him!

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis chirashi set lunch.jpg
We both opted for the Mazechirashi Lunch Set which comes with pickles, miso soup and dessert. We were asked if there was anything that we don't eat when we were placing our orders. My friend, Jonathan, eats everything whereas I don't take vegetables. I didn't receive any of the side dishes because they all had vegetables in them. It would have been nice if I received a chawanmushi or something as replacement.

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis set lunch.jpg

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis chirashi lunch.jpg
Mazechirashi - $40
This is possibly the most colourful and visually pleasing bowl of chirashi there is on our little red dot. The bowl of fresh sashimi and housemade tamago did not only look stunning but it tasted really great too. The pristine freshness in every cube of sashimi and the well-marinated sushi rice really captured our hearts.

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis chirashi.jpg
This is my version of the chirashi without vegetables. It isn't as pretty as the original presentation because the colours don't pop as much but it was no doubt, beyond tasty and satisfying.

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis set lunch dessert.jpg
Dessert was simple, no frills, and adequately rounded up a superb lunch.

 photo Aoki Shaw Centre Les Amis Menu.jpg
Food was awesome, and so was service. The prices are a little hefty at the 46-seater but you won't feel shortchanged as the food is top-notch. I will love to come back for dinner someday!

Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road, #01-19 
Singapore 228208
Monday - Saturday : 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 11pm


Love, K 

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