Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whisky Sukiyaki with A5 Saga Beef @ Tamashii Robataya (North Canal Road)

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Tamashii Robataya has been dazzling crowds for more than three years now. They have a strong base of loyal customers who come back again and again for the amazing food prepared with top quality ingredients by the skillful chefs here. The Japanese barbecue restaurant uses fresh seasonal meats and vegetables imported from Japan and the latest addition to their extensive menu is the Whisky Sukiyaki with the stunning A5 Saga Beef. If whisky is not your thing, you will be pleased to know that the non-alcoholic version of the A5 Saga Beef sukiyaki is available too.

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We started the night off with an appetizer, of course. The tiny crab is really adorable but really hard too so be careful when you're biting into it.

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Fresh Hokkaido Uni and fresh shrimp sashimi? I'm completely sold.

 photo Tamashii Robataya Whisky Sukiyaki 
A5 Saga Gyu Sukiyaki ($90/pax) + $40 (100ml of Nikka Whisky Black Clear)
Just look at that gorgeous marbling! A portion of the beef was cooked expertly by Chef Patrick so that we get a taste of the beef prior to the whole sukiyaki set-up. The beef was seriously, seriously fantastic.

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A theatrical display ensues as the whisky is flamed and added to the bubbling pot.

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The smell was intoxicating!

 photo Tamashii Robataya Whisky Sukiyaki 
Besides rolling out delicious dishes, Chef Patrick made sure that the presentation is always beautiful. The vegetables soaked up the whisky-infused broth and the crunchy enoki were so plump and juicy and every bite exploded with flavours. Best enjoyed with a piping hot bowl of rice, the sukiyaki at Tamashii Robataya is definitely one of the best in Singapore. Oh and that beef, simply divine.

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After such a wonderful dinner, I can't help but look forward to dessert. The homemade warabi mochi was such a surprising little treat! A little matcha powder is sprinkled on for a light tea taste and the entire texture and overall taste of the warabi mochi is just incredible. I even asked if they are for sale! The cheesecake was rich and creamy without being overwhelming. Every forkful of that soft cheese melts in your mouth and this is most certainly the best way to round up a splendid meal.

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Saga Gyu Don - $58
Chef Patrick couldn't let us go without treating us to one of the most popular items here. Before the beef bowl arrived, the smell of truffle attacked our noses first. My eyes lit up immediately and I looked on eagerly as the server set the bowls down on our table. It looked and smelled heavenly. A bed of premium grade Japanese rice, a flawless onsen egg, healthy lashings of truffle oil, unbelievably tender Saga beef and truffle shavings to top it all off. This is hands down the best beef bowl I've had in Singapore! Even though I was already quite full from the sukiyaki, I couldn't keep my hands off the breathtakingly good beef bowl and wolfed down a great portion of it. I'm serious guys, best beef bowl or gyudon in Singapore!

While the prices here are on the steeper end, I believe that you will find the food here impressive and worth every cent. Tamashii Robataya is especially popular for cozy family gatherings and corporate dinners. Their set lunches are very attractive and the restaurant is always packed during lunch. If you're a fan of sukiyaki, awesome beef and whisky, you most certainly cannot miss the Whisky Sukiyaki here!

12 North Canal Road, #02-01
Singapore 048825
Monday - Saturday : 12pm -230pm, 630pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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