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Soup Prosperity Feast @ Yàn Cantonese Cuisine (National Gallery)

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Yàn is a modern Cantonese restaurant that boasts a repertoire of 25 double-boiled soups. From 19th September to 31st October, diners can indulge in the Soup Prosperity Feast where a bowl of nutritious soup and fragrant crispy rice go for just $13.80. The soups here are not just comforting, delicious but they are packed with natural benefits. Yàn might be known for their soups but their other signature dishes will leave a lasting impression too. Whipped up by Master Chef Chan Kung Lai from Hong Kong, who has over twenty years of experience in Cantonese cooking, diners can expect no less than an authentic Cantonese feast at Yàn.

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Double-boiled Chinese Cabbage with Yunnan Ham
Five different soups are available daily on a weekly rotation basis but your preferred soup can be made available should you place an order a day in advance. Each bowl of soup comes with a bowl of rice that has been cooked in superior stock before being sprinkled with a ring of crispy rice. Pour some of the soup into that rice bowl and you're in for a treat. Pure, unadulterated goodness for just $13.80, can you believe it?

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Double-boiled Frog with Conpoy and Winter Melon
Of the five soups that we tried, this is my favourite. It warms me to my bones and I love how the soup is so clear but so tasty! It really makes me feel like I'm healthier already. Its amazing how rich the soup is. We heard that this is one of the most popular soups here so if you're coming by, you should most definitely try it out!

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Double-boiled Hashima with Radix astragali and Codonopsis Pilosula
While most preferred the other soups to this, this is second on my list. There is just something so indescribably beautiful and distinct about the subtle sweetness and herbal notes that linger in the soup. Not forgetting the abundance of hashima! I love hashima but I have always had it with rock sugar as a cold dessert at home and I have to say that I'm loving what they have done with hashima here. There is also collagen in the soup so if you're looking to improve your complexion or achieve that radiant glow, this is the soup for you.

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Double-boiled Sea Whelk and Black Garlic
This is possibly the richest and most intense soup of the evening. With a pronounced presence, the black garlic threatened to dominate the soup but it was brilliantly balanced and not overwhelming. I enjoyed the soup very much! Oh and you will be happy to know that black garlic and wolfberries are good for the immune system.

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Double-boiled Duck with Parsley and Dried Orange Peel
Think dried orange peel imported from Xinhui in China and tender duck that has soaked up the essence of the soup. This was popular with the rest but not with me because the taste of parsley was too strong for me. I still finished my soup but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't enjoy parsley.

 photo Yan Cantonese Cuisine Suckling Pig.jpg
Signature Crispy Roast Suckling Pig served in 3 ways - $124/half, $248/whole
I now have a new and deep appreciation for suckling pig after tackling the expertly executed suckling pig in three different styles. We were first told to relish in a solid outfit of crispy pig skin, plum sauce and mantou and it was crazy addictive. I'm not going to tell you how many mantous and pieces of pig skin I demolished but this was so good!

 photo Yan Cantonese Cuisine Suckling Pig 1.jpg
Next up, we had the carved shoulder which is supposed to be a tougher cut but Chef Chan made it so tender and juicy that you can't stop at just five pieces.

 photo Yan Cantonese Cuisine Suckling Pig 2.jpg
And finally, the oven-baked fillet with lemongrass. I wasn't too excited about the final instalment as lemongrass was in play. However, I was seriously blown away by not just how soft and succulent the meat was, but by how the lemongrass flavour has infiltrated every piece of meat and brought out the best of the fillet. The lemongrass taste was clear but light and in no way overpowering. This was, honestly, quite disarmingly delicious.

 photo Yan Cantonese Cuisine Thousand Layer Tofu.jpg
Steamed Thousand Layer Beancurd - $22/small, $33/medium, $44/large
Let us all take a few seconds to marvel at the exquisite knife skills of Chef Chan. It is definitely a feat crafting this beautiful plate of silky smooth tofu. Every slice is so thin, and the arrangement is simply flawless. The tofu was palatable enough with just the sauce but savour it together with the perfect accompaniments of honey-glazed pork, conpoy, mushroom and ginko nuts and you might just fall in love, like I did.

 photo Yan Cantonese Cuisine Mango Coconut Dessert..jpg
Chilled Mango Cream served in Coconut - $12
You get a mix of vanilla icecream, oats and fresh mango pieces all in a coconut husk. Dig into the sides of the coconut for the yummy white flesh and you will be surprised at how great the entire combination is. It might be a dessert but it was sure, a very filling one.

Yàn is turning one soon, and the beautiful establishment is really ideal for families and those who love Cantonese food. I'm not one who would usually pick Chinese food for dinner but if you ask me, I'll love to dine at Yàn anytime.

National Gallery
1 St Andrew's Road
02 National Gallery, #05-02
Singapore 178957
Daily : 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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