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The Strings - Fantastic Hotel in the Heart of Nagoya

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The Strings Hotel is a city lifestyle hotel in Nagoya, the fourth most populated city in Japan. Amenities based on the concepts of “healthy,” “beautiful,” and “refreshing” are offered in all of the guest rooms. From nano water (water purified with nanotechnology), to rain shower equipped baths, to down feather comforters and pillows which have undergone negative ion processing, The Strings promises more than just an impressive stay. The Strings Hotel is located near Sasashima-raibu Station which is a one-minute train ride from the main Nagoya Station. The location is therefore, impeccable. The hotel is also within walking distance of a cinema complex and many eateries.

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There are five types of rooms available. Our Smart Class room was furnished with modern wooden furniture and dressed in darker colours. It exudes a classy, yet cozy, feel.

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The room is adequately spacious and I particularly loved the toilet which has an amazing backdrop.

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We were greeted with a gorgeous view of the Magnolia Chapel once we looked out the tall window. Simply enchanting.

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The Strings is an extremely popular destination for weddings and solemnization ceremonies. It's not difficult to understand why when they have a breathtakingly beautiful chapel and lovely banquet halls. Even their "courtyard", which is a perfect place to hold cocktail receptions and more, is so pretty! When night falls, the entire hotel looks even more stunning.  

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I couldn't have had a better sleep, thanks to the comfy beds! And the best thing to wake up to after a good rest is a splendid breakfast spread. The All Day Dining Chef’s Live Kitchen serves breakfast from 7am - 10am. I stayed in ten hotels this trip and this is hands down the best breakfast that I have had. Not only is the restaurant fine-looking, it is complete with charming views and lovely art pieces.

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The spread was, in all honesty, immensely satisfying. Omelette made to order, bacon, cereal, flavoured bread, salad, sausages, mashed potato, grilled fish, pickles, Japanese miso noodles and a range of juices, coffee and tea, await. The food might look simple, but they were executed to perfection. I was so happy with my breakfast!

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There are four other dining establishments at The Strings - Teppan Yaki Takumi, Lounge & Bar New York Lounge by THE STRINGS, New York Dining and Café Gramercy Suite, and Italian Dining Zillion. Every restaurant is stunning. I was really blown away by the massive amount of thought and effort that went into the conceptualization and architecture of the entire property.

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When in Nagoya, you have to try their specialty, unagi. There are plenty of restaurants that specialize in unagi so it shouldn't be difficult to find a restaurant for dinner. I'll recommend going to イチビキ for your unagi fix! Most of the restaurants close at 8pm though, so do go early!

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After a hearty dinner, you can go on a walk in the city area, near the night spots. You can see the TV Tower and Ferris Wheel. There are tons of bars around too.

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We had some drinks at Energy Bar and Bar Moonwalk before heading over to Hub, an incredibly popular bar with locals and tourists alike. They have Guinness (pretty rare in Japan) here and don't forget to get some of their fish and chips to go along!

If you're heading to Nagoya and looking for a great hotel, you don't have to look any further! The Strings should be perfect for you.

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4-60-7 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 453-0872


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