Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Grand Hyatt Taipei - Spacious and Luxurious Hotel in a Great Location

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26-year-old Grand Hyatt Taipei is Taipei's first 5-star hotel. The 27-storey luxury hotel has 853 rooms and 9 restaurants and bars. The hotel is almost linked by an overhead bridge to the iconic Taipei 101 and is just a short walk away from the Taipei International Convention Centre. Its location is impeccable, making it a natural hotel choice for tourists and business travellers alike. The elegant hotel has just gone through a $100 million makeover last year, and plans to refurbish the restaurants are in the works.

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The room is cozy and very comfortable, decorated with contemporary furniture and Chinese calligraphy.

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Before my stay at Grand Hyatt Taipei, I've heard rumours about the hotel being haunted. I was, of course, scared to stay here alone. But I had the best sleep ever. I slept for nine hours straight and didn't even wake up at all. And I'm an immensely light sleeper who can't even sleep with the tv on or even heavy breathing of a friend. I didn't have much time in the hotel room on the second night as I got back at 3am and left at 5am to catch my flight home. I still had a really awesome quick nap though!

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The breakfast selection includes French toast, waffles, pancakes with jams and honeycomb, Taiwanese noodles, salad, cereal, dimsum, Indian food, eggs, congee, soy milk with youtiao, cheeses, cold cuts, breads etc. I was most impressed with the entire block of honeycomb which I really enjoyed with my French toast.

Grand Hyatt Taipei is also within walking distance from the clubs. I made a trip to LAVA (550 metres away) and walked back to the hotel!

The hotel also arranged for a vehicle to take me to the airport at 5am. I got a Mercedes while my friends got a BMW later on in the day. The entire stay was luxurious. From the start, till the end. Needless to say, I will be back!

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2 SongShou Road
Xinyi District
Taipei City, Taiwan, 11051


Love, K

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