Thursday, November 8, 2018

Goodwood Park Hotel - Staycation in a Beautiful Heritage Hotel in Singapore

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Goodwood Park Hotel is a familiar name to both locals and travellers. The famous 5-star hotel, which was built in the 1900s is one of the oldest hotels in Singapore. Her colonial beauty has been preserved and protected, and the heritage hotel welcomes throngs of visitors throughout the year. I've always thought that staying here would burn a huge hole in my pocket, considering how exclusive it seems, and its proximity to Orchard Road. Surprisingly, a night stay in one of their deluxe rooms on level one, next to the pool, wasn't as pricey as I had imagined.

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Pool next to our room.

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The 39sqm room was pretty spacious. We paid about $300 for the room, without breakfast.

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The tv is inside this cupboard. I'm not sure if the reception was poor, or the tv was faulty but the picture quality was pretty bad. Also, the strange angle made it difficult for us to watch tv comfortably from the bed.

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photo Goodwood Park Staycation.jpg
The room was not the most fanciful, nor was the bed the most comfortable. In fact, the pillows weren't very comfortable at all. However, our biggest gripe had to be the manual thermostat. We had to turn the dial to our desired temperature, but the room didn't seem to be getting colder.

photo Goodwood Park Staycation 11.jpg
Main pool near the lobby.

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I've been to Gordon Grill before, and I loved the food! Well, I can't say the same for the rooms because I can get a newer and prettier room at another 5-star property for the same price, and possibly with breakfast. The facade of the hotel is, no doubt, beautiful, but I don't think that the room matched up. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I finally stayed here! Service was top notch. We were escorted to our room, and given a quick introduction about our room and the available amenities in the property. When we needed ice, or bath gel, the staff arrived really quickly with them!

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22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221


Love, K 

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