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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Line Buffet

We went to The Line at Shangri-La for X's birthday lunch. He was supposed to blog about The Line but well.. 3 months on and here I am, typing this long overdue post.

It was a Saturday and I'd made reservations online 2 weeks before. I decided to bring him to The Line because he loves oysters and having heard much about their oysters, I had to bring him here haha. There's a 15% discount if you reserve seats online! And apparently they have a 40% promotion too. Didn't manage to get that one though. But 15% is good enough! So it was $55++ for each of us [:


The orange lights were a little too dark

Can't remember how many pieces we ate.. But we sure ate alot haha. The sashimi was fresh, and nicely cut. The swordfish was so juicy.. Swordfish sashimi is the best!

The oysters are opened right on the spot and if this is not fresh, I don't know what is. the oysters were really good and very very fresh. They aren't like the ones that are left on the ice waiting for someone to pick them up. They serve a few sauces to go with the oysters and they were delicious! We mixed 2 sauces together and the oysters went extremely well with the sweet and sour mix! If you're a fan of oysters, you have to visit The Line. We ate like at least 20 oysters..? Haha I only ate 4 I think.

The cold prawns were juicy and we ate quite a few of them.

Iced Teh tarik!
Their teh tarik is made on the spot and it is light and smooth. The tea taste is not too overwhelming. Pretty perfect cup of tehtarik that we each had 2 cups of. Haha

Pizza, which was quite good! Yum yum I love pizzas
Roasted pork belly with caramelised onions. Tender pork belly with a hint of sweetness hmm
Salmon quiche which I abandoned after 2 mouthfuls because it was pretty tasteless.

The mushroom ravioli with truffle sauce was tasty and I loved its texture
The breadstix was crispy and fragrant.
The ham was just alright. A little too tough
I think the one on the right is roasted potatoes with rosemary. Didn't really leave an impression on us

Indian corner. Naan with fish curry.
I'm not really a fan of Indian food so I didn't take much of the available selection.

It is soft, and extremely tasty. It was really good.
Can't remember whats that in the middle, sorry!

Satay! The satays were awesome. They were soft and flavourful and ain't quite like those normal satays you get at the coffeeshops. Well cooked and lovely

Yorkshire pudding
The yorkshire pudding drizzled in apple sauce didn't quite suit my tastebuds.

More sashimi and prawns

And more sashimi

And more oysters

And more sashimi HAHAHA

Finally, desserts!
I have to say that I was disappointed in their desserts. They LOOKED really impressive and appetizing. But they really weren't as great as they looked. I think the creme brulee was probably the best one on this plate

Banana and caramel crepe.
This was alright. They have really few toppings for their crepes

The cheesecake was too sour and the tiramisu was too dry

They have an icecream corner with quite a number of flavours. Here's my chocolate icecream with oreo. Nothing impressive. And again, very few toppings.

Overall, The Line is a good place to visit if you're a fan of sashimi, oysters and duck. But not so good if you're targeting the desserts. They have a Chinese corner that serves noodles and a salad station too. We didn't take any of the chinese food like prawn paste chicken and all. I don't know why too. Haha but all in all, the variety's quite wide! And service was good! The waitress at our section was super attentive, friendly and efficient. Her name's Maria I think! Wanted to write a feedback form for her, but The Line doesn't have feedback forms apparently? Haha. Let us know what you think of The Line!

22 Orange Grove Road
Shangri-La Hotel
Breakfast: 6am – 10.30am (Weekends to 11 am)
Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm (Weekends and Public Holidays to 3 pm)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Weekends and Public Holidays start at 6pm)
Supper: 10.30 pm – 6 am

Love, K

K's rating of The Line : 7/10

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Casa Verde

Situated in the greenery of Botanics is Casa Verde(which means Green House in Italian). They're under the Les Amis Group which also owns Peperoni Pizzeria. This of course, made me think that the pizzas at Casa Verde will be as good as or even better than Peperoni Pizzeria's. Thus, I was keen to bring my family there for dinner(knowing how much they love pizza) and also because they allow dogs in their alfresco area. So we decided to have dinner there one Sunday evening. Casa Verde is located right at the visitor centre, which is nearer to the Nassim Gate entrance of Botanics. There is a sheltered parking area which is connected to a walkway which leads to Casa Verde.

It was raining really heavily as X and I were making our way there. It was pretty sad because that meant that we couldn't bring Waffles on a walk around Botanics.

So anyway, we reserved a table at Casa Verde beforehand as we were afraid of the Sunday dinner crowd. It wasn't as crowded as I had expected it to be when we arrived. It might be due to the rain. Their staff were really friendly towards Waffles. Waffles is extremely outgoing and he stands up to greet every human that passes by. Haha. The waiters did not shun him or look at him in disgust but they smiled and even asked about him. I like people who like my dog haha

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

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Okay, lets get to the food.

Image Hosted by
Pizza Rustica - tomato salsa, streaky bacon, asparagus, sunny side up - $23

I thought this was pretty good! The crust was of the right thickness and the ingredients tasted really good together. But X felt that it was just alright. I like all pizzas with a sunny side up in the middle. Haha

Image Hosted by
Sfilatino Casa Verde - mozzarella, ham and mushroom(spring roll style), served with tomato salsa dip- $24

This was their specialty.
However, we all thought that it was just average and there was nothing special about it. In fact, it was a little hard to eat as the crust was too hard. We were pretty disappointed as this was supposed to be their specialty.

Image Hosted by
My mummy has a weird habit of ordering fries everywhere..
So here's a basket of fries.
They were really crispy!

Image Hosted by
Calamari Fritti - served with arrabbiata sauce and tartar - $14
We liked the calamari! They went extremely well with the arrabbiata sauce(which actually tasted like the tomato salsa dip from the sfilatino )

Overall, we felt that the pizzas were pretty average. The best item was probably the calamari. Service crew members were attentive, friendly and efficient. They all wore smiles as they attend to us, whether it was the refilling of our glasses or the taking of our orders. We had quite an enjoyable time there.

Visitors Centre, Singapore Botanics Garden
Cluny Road


Love, K

K's rating of Casa Verde : 6.5/10

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pizzeria L'Operetta

I planned a birthday dinner for one of our friends at Pizzeria L'Operetta awhile ago. Having heard of their Vera Napoletana Pizza which is a first in Singapore, I was excited to bring my friends to this place. There were 7 of us and we shared 3 pizzas.

VPN pizzas aren't your normal pizzas. There are many criteria to meet before they receive certification to be VPN pizzas. I was particularly excited about the pizza base which was supposed to be soft and elastic.

We had calamari fritti - $12++ (no picture!) which was just a basket of a few calamari rings which were not impressive at all. I mean, if your calamari is so ordinary, maybe you can serve dips that are unique?
Bismark  - $28 ++
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, ham, poached egg, parmesan

Being a meat lover, i managed to convince my friends to order this. I felt that it was okay

Pescatora - $30 ++
Tomato sauce, garlic, prawn, squid, octopus, oregano, basil

Sadly, this seafood pizza did not meet our expectations.

Panna e Prosciutto -$28 ++
Cream sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham, basil, parmesan

This was our favourite pizza out of the three. We adored the cream base which is something different from the usual tomato base. Pretty interesting. But we wouldn't say that it's really good. Slightly above average maybe.

I was disappointed with the design of the place as I'd expected it to be prettier and maybe to look more like a pizzeria. Or maybe I just didn't like how open the place was. As for the pizzas, they were alright. The crust wasn't really outstanding to us. I guess the pizzas were a tad too expensive for their portion. And for the price that we were paying, we were expecting tastier pizzas of better quality. Although my friends were still hungry, they felt that the price wasn't justified for what they were getting and we went for more food elsewhere.

Well, you can guess I sure was embarrassed. Being the supposed "foodie" of the group, I brought my friends to a place that is not really worth a mention.. I will not recommend this pizzeria but I guess the pizzas are worth a try if you're interested to taste VPN pizzas. But there are definitely better pizzas you can get at such prices.

12 Gopeng Street #01-78-81
Icon Village Singapore 078877

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm
Dinner: Mon-Sat 6:00pm-11:00pm
Last Order:10:00pm
Closed on PH and Sundays.


K's rating of Pizzeria L'operetta : 4.5/10

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7-inch Square Pizza

A little pizza stall recently opened within a small coffee shop in central Singapore. We all love coffee shops for 2 reasons, affordable prices or delicious food. And when we discover hidden finds like this that delivers on both levels, we are certainly delighted.

This stall is started by an enterprising young man and his friend who aspire to fulfill their dreams and build an empire starting from this very first step. Ju Seng Huat coffee shop at St george's road is where their dream is being incubated.

Coffee shop front. (The pizza stall is adjacent to the drinks stall)

(7’’)2 pizza

The stall got its name from their square pizza that is 7 inches by 7 inches unlike the conventional round pizza. Pardon the quality of the pictures as the lighting was bad but allow my review to do the pizza justice.

Three pizzas on our first order

Tom yam pizza $3.90

This is a definite must try! The home-made tom yum sauce hits all the right notes with the taste buds. It has your usual tom yum fragrance with a tinge of a sour aftertaste. Perfect as the appetizer. We loved it!

Mushroom pizza $3.90

Mushrooms and cheese and a crunchy pizza crust. Need I say more?

Pepper pork pizza $3.90

Freshly stir-fried pork is the main ingredient in this pizza. Cheese with fatty pork meat might seem like a weird combination but this pizza packs quite a surprise. You might just fall in love with it!

Pepperoni pizza $3.90

The all-time favourite, Pepperoni! Enough said. Superb with cheese and the thin crust. Another must try!

I feel that this little pizza stall has all the makings of a successful business. Tasty quality food at really affordable prices. For the taste and portion, $3.90 is DEFINITELY a steal! And with 10 different flavours to choose from, you're in for a treat.

So head on down soon, mention "Strictly Ours"and you might find more ingredients on your pizza! Enjoy!

(7’’)2 pizza
6 St' George's road
Tuesday-Sunday - 6pm to 11pm

X's rating of the food: 7.5/10