Monday, December 11, 2017

Pan Pacific Singapore - Christmas is Always Lovely Here

 photo Pacific Marketplace - Special Christmas Bundles.jpg
It's probably cliche to say that Christmas is my favourite time of the year, but it really is. I love the festive feasts, chocolate log cakes, family gatherings, and receiving gifts (duh)! It's less than a month to Christmas and I'm sure many of you are wondering where to celebrate this cheery occasion, or where to grab tasty takeaways for your parties. I'm here to help, or rather, Pan Pacific Singapore is here to help!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kisumé - New High-End Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne

photo Kisume Melbourne 10.jpg
Kisume is a high-end Japanese restaurant by The Lucas Group which also owns the famous Chin Chin. The name 'Kisume' itself means pure obsession with beauty. This was where I had my very first Japanese meal in Melbourne. I was so eager to dine here, you have no idea. Once I was seated at the counter, and presented with the menu, I wasted no time, and went for the omakase set ($88) right away. The chefs know best, don't they?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kaniya - Amazing Family-Run Seafood Restaurant in Ibaraki

photo Kaniya Ibaraki Restaurant 3.jpg
Ibaraki is a prefecture near Tokyo, and it is home to many colleges and institutions. Thousands flock to Mito, the capital city, each year to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park, where different flowers are in bloom throughout the entire year. The park is decked in different colours through different seasoons and the gorgeous park is indeed breathtaking. If you're thinking of popping by Ibaraki for a short trip, you have to visit Kaniya! The service here is seriously impeccable. While we were working our way through our King Crab (9,800yen), the old lady washing dishes at the counter decided to help us. She broke the legs and fed us the succulent and juicy crab meat directly! We couldn't help but laugh as we bite the flesh off the shell, from her hands.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rice Paper Sister - Solid Newcomer in the Melbourne Food Scene

photo Rice Paper Sister Melbourne 11.jpg
After dining at Rice Paper Scissors, I knew that a visit to Rice Paper Sister is a must. If you haven't already caught the reference, the latter is the sister restaurant of the former. Similar to their first restaurant, Rice Paper Sister also celebrates South-East Asian cuisine with their unique take on classic Southeast Asian dishes. Fresh and organic ingredients that are sourced locally are used here too, but the dining experience here seems to be a tad more sophisticated and refined.

Pickleville by Sarnies - A New Coffee Haunt in the CBD

 photo Pickleville Sarnies 3.jpg
The Working Capitol on Robinson is a really pretty space that is home to my favourite cupcake bakery, co-working spaces, and now, Pickleville. Pickleville is a new coffee haunt by the folks behind Sarnies, and it sits on level four of the building. The cafe has an abundance of natural light streaming in, and eye-catching gold details that I love. A big thank you to Alainlicious for bringing me here!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Poolside Patio - Fire Up with Barbecue Nights at Pan Pacific Singapore

 photo Pan Pacific Singapore Poolside Patio 
If you don't already know, Pan Pacific Singapore is one of my favourite, if not favourite hotel in Singapore. The five-star property has the best buffet restaurant, Edge, a cozy Atrium where high tea sets and cocktails can be enjoyed, a marketplace where you can get your hands on freshly made pastries and goodies, and the amazing Hai Tien Lo which dishes out phenomenal Chinese cuisine. I've been to the hotel many times but it still surprises me - everything is so consistently good here. And now, Poolside Patio, an al fresco dining venue adjacent to the refurbishes swimming pool and Poolside Bar, is set to blow diners away with a sizzling four-course barbecue menu on Friday and Saturday nights.