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District 10 Bar & Restaurant

Media Invite

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District 10 at UE Square has recently launched a new menu! And fans of Bonta will be glad to know that Chef Luca has brought over to District 10 some of the hot favourites from Bonta.

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Antinori Private Dining Room
Looking for a place for a cozy dinner? The Antinori room accommodates up to 12 pax and a menu for the dinner will be specially customized according to your budget.

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Connected to the Antinori room is a private alfresco area

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District 10 draws a huge crowd with its insane happy hour promotions that are available daily from 11am to 8pm. I was extremely surprised to learn that patrons enjoy 1 for 1 on draft beers, housepour spirits, wines by the glass and exotic gin tonics! Also, gourmet pizzas are going at $10 nett. I told my friends about this promotion immediately upon hearing it!

Moreover, the Crazy Mondays promotion which last from 5pm to closing time on Mondays is a huge hit. Think half-pint beers, Prosecco and housepours at $5 nett! Insane, isn't it!

District 10 has two different menus specially tailored for the alfresco area and the main dining room. The alfresco menu consists mainly of bar bites and snacks while the main dining area has a menu that features cleverly crafted dishes for lunch and dinner.

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D10 Punch (for 3-4 pax) - $34
This blend of Moscato wine, Crème de cassis, dark rum, apples, strawberries, mixed berries and ginger ale was incredibly delightful! I had five glasses of it! It's a very sweet and refreshing drink and I strongly recommend this awesome concoction! This is truly what you call "love at first sip"

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House bread with Feta Cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts, served with anchovies in extra virgin olive oil

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Crusty on the outside but soft and wonderfully savory on the inside. Quite possibly the best bread ever served at dinner!

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Burratina Cheese with Peas, Sun-Dried Tomato Puree and Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $18
Homemade Burratina cheese which was quite brilliantly done. I've never been a fan of cheeses but I quite enjoyed this!

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Green Asparagus, Fried Egg Sunny Side Up, Sage Butter - $18
As a carnivore, I didn't quite appreciate this dish but seems like the rest of the bloggers liked it!

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Pan-fried Goose Liver, Wild Berries Sauce & Balsamic Syrup - $20
FOIE GRAS. My ultimate love. I love that burst of strong distinct flavour and it's made better with the sweet wild berries sauce and balsamic syrup!

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Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic - $20
This is actually my first time trying a Bombay Sapphire! It's actually really nice! They also have watermelon and sugarcane gin and tonic which are very popular too!

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Homemade Angel Hair Pasta with Lobster, Peperoncino, Basil & Fresh Tomatoes - $38
The texture of the homemade angel hair pasta was completely different from our usual al dente pasta. It's extremely soft and soaks up the flavour of the sauce. A very unique dish that is well flavoured!

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Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli, Light Parmesan Sauce & Scamorza Cheese - $34
This was my favourite dish of the night! I love foie gras and when this was served, my heart was jumping in joy. This was a dish with very strong and intense flavours emerging from the foie gras and cheeses. Creamy and rich, and infused with truffle, this dish might not be for everyone, but it definitely was for me!

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Crispy Goose Leg Confit, Roasted Garlic, Soft Potato Mousse - $29
The goose leg impressed with its crispy texture but was a tad too dry on the inside. I liked the potato mousse!

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Signature Black Angus Beef Striploin, Fried Eggs & Black Truffle - $36
The striploin was a little too tough for my liking and what really stole the show was actually the crispy fries that were fried in goose fat. It's gonna be hard finding better tasting fries than these!

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Roasted Atlantic Cod Medallion, Spanish Smoked Paprika & Herbs Oil - $32
The cod was a little crisp and very tender. I felt that it was quite bland and not tasty enough though!

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Cinnamon Apple Fritters with Icing Sugar - $12+
The apple fritters were too sour and we figured that they were probably made using green apples. This dish would have been more lovely if the apple fritters were sweet instead of sour!

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Traditional Italian Tiramisu - $14
A classic Italian dessert that was, in my opinion, too moist. The sponge cake areas felt as if they were soaked.

District 10 might seem more like a bar than a family-oriented restaurant but you'd be wrong to think that way! Every Sunday, a bouncy castle is set up at the alfresco area to cater to families who are bringing their children for brunch!

I'll definitely be back for their crazy happy hour promotions and the foie gras ravioli!

I had a really good time at District 10 and I'll like to thank FoodNews PR and Cyndiana for having me!

81 Clemenceau Avenue #01-15/16/17
UE Square Shopping Mall
Opening Hours : Click HERE


Love, K

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