Saturday, December 14, 2013


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I was at Mean Bean & Wicked Grind one evening and a friend was gonna visit so I decided to order dinner for the two of us! You know how we always order macs or fast food and such and I didn't want to have those for dinner so I decided to check out Foodpanda.

Its the first time that I've gone to their website and I was quite impressed by how many food establishments they are working with! All I had to do was key in the postal code of my location and a list of food establishments that deliver to my location will be shown. After a long while of deliberation, I decided to order from 4Fingers. There was a minimum order of $30 for 4Fingers, so I, very obviously, over-ordered hahaha.

I placed my order at 5 and I expected it to come around 7 but it came around 730 instead and I was famished.

 photo PC061163.jpgThe food was cold and the fries were soggy but you know how the chicken at 4Fingers just can't go wrong? Even though they were cold, I still enjoyed them! It was a Friday night so I was guessing that they probably had alot of deliveries to make, leading to an extended delivery duration.

For those who are always lazy to head out to buy food(like me), you can check out! There's something for everyone!


Love, K

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