Monday, December 9, 2013

Mean Bean & Wicked Grind

Finally, after two months of madness and countless sleepless nights,
My cafe is finally up and running!!!
The grand opening is on 11th December, but we'll be open for business today!
Special discounts are coming your way this week!
Be excited, be ready, and be there!

What's available : Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Cupcakes, Tarts, Cakes, Eclairs, Salads, Muesli

Address : 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #01-337
More information HERE

Say hi if you come by okay! [:

Love, K


  1. Congrats on your opening!

    1. THANK YOU! Haven't had a chance to meet you yet! Will invite you for a tasting soon kay! [:

  2. Where are your tarts & eclairs from?


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