Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Best Brunch Ever" Cookbook Launch

Media Invite

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Brunch lovers and aspiring cooks will be excited and overjoyed to know that this cookbook, launched by ToTT,  features 24 awesome brunch recipes by 8 of the most popular and famous chefs in Singapore. Twenty four mouthwatering recipes that you just HAVE to get your hands on. What are you waiting for?

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Four out of eight chefs were invited to this cooking demonstration and I was extremely excited to learn, and of course, even more excited to eat!

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1) Spaghetti Piccanti by Chef Antonio Facchinetti, Prego Restaurant

Not just your usual simple spaghetti, this dish was flavourful and the spaghetti was cooked perfectly!

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Did you know that you could cut the egg shells off like that?! I was thoroughly amazed at how skillful this lady was in removing the shells!

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2) Eggs 'A La Coque' by Chef Nicolas Joanny, Nicolas Le Restaurant
Chef Nicolas made preparing the eggs seem like a breeze. And it really makes me want to try making them! The egg was so so good! The juicy prawn encased in a thin crispy popiah skin might seem simple and ordinary, but trust me, it's really good!

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Cornbread Wedges With Bacon Jam by Chef Dan Segall, The Big Idea
Bacon Jam? Weird, you may think. That was what I thought too. But the bacon jam was brilliant. It's savory and sweet and I feel like it could complement just plain spaghetti or bread or anything! The cornbread wedges were a little too dry for my liking but when I spread the bacon jam on it, it was like wow. The jam is that good. If anyone is gonna make it, please set up an online store or something, I'll buy it for sure!

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Báng Cuon by Chef Chi Quang Trinh, Addictions Café and Remedy Bar
I'm not a fan of Asian cuisine but I can't deny how impressed and blown away I was by these rice rolls! The generous portion of meat just "overflowed" when I cut gently into the thin and delicate roll. The burst of flavours that greeted my palate was quite frankly, amazing. I didn't expect that this would actually be my favourite dish out of the four! I am so gonna try to make this!

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Left to right: Chef Nicolas, Chef Dan, Chef Chi and Chef Antonio
The four awesome chefs who spent an entire morning preparing food for the hungry audience!

So blessed to be able to attend this cooking demonstration. We really won't know how much effort goes into preparing those yummy dishes that we dig into at restaurants until we see the chefs preparing them themselves, or when we try preparing them on our own!

"Best Brunch Ever" is the book to have if you love cooking and especially if you love preparing brunch for yourself or your loved ones! I'd do a giveaway for my book, if I haven't already fallen in love with the recipes. May I be the next great chef after trying all the recipes in the book!

Also launched at this event was ToTT's e-commerce site! Hurray to fuss-free and convenient shopping! ToTT might be too far for you, or too time-consuming for you to travel there. is your solution! With over 1500 products and a product comparison feature available, shopping at ToTT is now more attractive and you can have your purchases delivered right to your home!

I really enjoyed my morning at ToTT's cooking studio and I'll like to thank the wonderful people at FoodNews for the invitation!
896 Dunearn Road
Monday-Friday : 11am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am-9pm


Love, K

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