Sunday, September 28, 2014

Old Hen Coffee Bar

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I was in the vicinity and decided to pop by Old Hen! Little did I know that this is where I'll find my new favourite coffee. And boy was I glad that I made a trip here!

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Cold Brew (White) - $6.50
Perfect texture, perfect balance of milk and coffee, perfect taste.
Just pure perfection.
Never thought that I'll like another cold coffee more than my own at Mean Bean & Wicked Grind.
But I really couldn't stop raving about this bottle of goodness.
During the entire 2 hours I was there, I think I said "oh my God, this is freaking good" like seven times to my friend hahaha

But good job Old Hen! Really love your cold brew!

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Buttermilk Waffles - $9
This waffle was topped with everything that I don't eat. Blueberries, strawberries and greek yogurt. So it's pretty hard for me to judge if it's any good at all but I felt that the texture of the waffle was not bad!

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Mocha - $5.50
This took a really long time to arrive but at least it was a decent cup of mocha!

Unfortunately for me, Old Hen is a great distance away from home. If not, I'll be here every Wednesday for my cold brew! Will certainly return to try out their food sometime!

88 Rangoon Road
Monday, Wednesday-Friday : 12pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday : 10am-10pm



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