Thursday, September 18, 2014

(CLOSED) Da Tou Xia

Media Invite

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The brainchild of a economic rice stall owner turned prawn noodles chef, Da Tou Xia is a must-visit if you're a fan of prawn noodles. There are tons of prawn noodles stalls and shops out there but there's something about Da Tou Xia that not only stands out, but left a deep impression on us

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The chef went to different parts of Malaysia and tried to get someone to teach him the secret behind a delicious bowl of prawn noodles but he was rejected time and again. Undaunted, he religiously went around Singapore to try out different prawns noodles and his sincerity moved a stall owner who agreed to impart her skills to him. His perseverance paid off and soon, he was well on his way to realising his dream of having his very own shop that dishes out yummy prawn noodles.

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Prawn Noodles - $5.50
The most popular item on the menu and a complete stunner, this amazing bowl of prawns noodles captured our hearts with its tasty and robust broth. The sweetness and flavours present were instantly noticed. Everyone was going on and on about how good the soup was! And needless to say, we each had second servings! The key to this aromatic broth is the wild sea prawns that are delivered to DTX daily. Absolutely no scrimping on the quality and freshness of ingredients. Oh, fresh prawns, firm noodles, and fantastic soup base, we were sold.

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Super Prawn Noodles - $10.80
Armed with gigantic and juicy prawns in the same delicious broth prepared meticulously from 3am, this is a pricier option for those who will like bigger, crunchier and fatter prawns!

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Abalone Noodles - $10.80
Didn't think that this was gonna impress but I was seriously wrong. The soup was once again, really flavourful with a strong taste of abalone. Together with a myriad of ingredients was a whole abalone that I gobbled down happily. Doesn't take a genius to know that we cleaned up the entire bowl of soup!

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Prawn Noodles with Pork Ribs - $5.50
This is what I always order when I have prawn noodles. Because I love both pork ribs and prawns! Have it dry or in a rich broth, either way is great! The chilli though.. is a killer but everyone else loved it

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Prawn Noodles with Pig Tails - $5.50
I've never eaten pig tails before and wasn't keen to try it but for people who are big on them, you get to have both pig tails and fresh juicy prawns here!

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Ngoh Hiang

We have seen how ngoh hiang is usually displayed out for patrons to pick and choose. But there's always an issue of hygiene and freshness. The ngoh hiang at Da Tou Xia is only fried on order so you can be sure of its freshness! With a large selection(21 items to be exact) to boot, I'm pretty sure you're gonna have a headache deciding what to have so I really suggest going down in a group to try as many items as possible! We enjoyed the golden wings, otah roll and ngoh hiang alot!

All five of us were still talking about how good the prawns noodles were the next day. Because, honestly, who would think that prawn noodles can actually blow you away? How good can prawn noodles actually taste? And for a chef who only has a few months of experience in this field, how skillful can he be? I guess we all had the answers to our questions by the end of the night. We thoroughly enjoyed every dish and would definitely be back again.

And believe me, you will be back here again for sure after your first visit!

Oh yes, lunch time is pretty crazy so I'll suggest that you head there for dinner! Parking is available at a multi storey carpark just a 3-minute walk away

Thank you Gregory and Erin for having us!

383 Upper Aljunied Road
Monday - Sunday: 730am -9pm



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