Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(CLOSED) The Royal Mail Bar

Media Invite

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The Old Fashioned Spice($18) is one of the 15 new concoctions available at the revamped The Royal Mail Bar. These fifteen creations are unique to The Royal Mail Bar and were crafted with a great deal of thought and effort by the resident bartender. I also had the opportunity to try the entire range of new bar bites that have been launched along with the facelift.

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Tina Funfetti - $18
Suitable for ladies and those with a sweet tooth, the Tina Funfetti consists of Baileys, chocolate, butterscotch and milk. Certainly my favourite of the lot!

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Agent 006 - $18
Essentially a lychee mojito with flaming Bacardi 151 added to it. Pretty potent and definitely not for the fainthearted

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Straight Cut Chips with Truffle Mayo - $12
Fries have always been a crowd pleaser and the ones at The Royal Mail Bar were especially pleasant. Lightly crisp with a full potato centre, complemented with a truffle mayo dip that everyone loved, these chips were the first thing that I ordered when I returned to the bar a week later!

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Chocolate Dream - $18
Another sweet item that should be a hit with the ladies!

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Timeless English - $18
This combination of brewed earl grey tea and vodka is one of the signature favourites at The Royal Mail Bar. Fans of earl grey should definitely give this a shot!

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Sweet Potato Chips - $8
The second round of sweet potato chips that we had were thin and crisp and absolutely delightful when paired with the shallot and onion salsa. I probably ate half the basket(oops) but it was so addictive!

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BBQ Sweet and Spicy Meatballs - $14
The meatballs were overdone and almost too tough to bite through but I adored the playful mix of flavours!

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Cubed Beef : Prime Roast (140g) - $28
Albeit a little pricey on first thought, this dish really justified its price tag. Incredibly tender and well-flavoured, this was undoubtedly my favourite dish of the night. It comes with two different sauces and the chilli crab dip is quite honestly, good enough to be savoured on its own!

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Apple of My Eye - $18
Best to be consumed quickly, this drink was a sweet finish to my night!

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Tiffany Shots

The entire range of new drinks were all carefully crafted with the intention of conveying a certain experience. The Tiffany shots were supposed to be sweet at first, leave a lingering "burning" sensation down your throat and finally, bitter. It hit every of that and I was seriously, impressed

The bar grub menu offers a total of ten items which includes tortilla chips, prawn paste chicken, chorizo sausages and more.

Easily accessible from Raffles Place MRT and in the heart of the CBD, The Royal Mail Bar should definitely be your next destination for a chill night out. Armed with ten new whiskeys and delightful happy hour (5pm-8pm) promotions where patrons can enjoy dirty or dry martinis at $10 or one for one on housepours, I can foresee myself coming back here again and again!

They also have $10 burgers which are huge in portion and a dinner menu should you want to have both dinner and drinks here!

Patrons can also look forward to daily promotions(6pm to closing) as follows
Monday : $5 dirty or dry martinis
Tuesday: 1 for 1 house pour and premium wine
Wednesday : 1 for 1 whiskeys by the glass
Thursday: $5 Half pint draught beer
Friday: $10 champagne by the glass

Also, Resident band Sugar Love rocks the stage on Thursdays and Fridays so I'll really recommend you guys to drop by then!

Thank you The Royal Mail Bar and Brand Cellar for having me!

The Ascott
2 Finlayson Green
Monday - Friday : 3pm-11pm


Love, K

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