Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saboten @ 313

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Attention tonkatsu fans! The world's largest tonkatsu chain, Saboten, has relocated from Parco to 313! Touted as the best tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore by HGW, Saboten is now more conveniently located and has also introduced two exclusive items, the Iberico Loin Katsu and Fried Jumbo Prawn, to their menu at the outlet at 313. All the more reason to visit!

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Tonkatsu sauce that is meticulously created with more than ten types of spices, fruits and vegetables.

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All set menus come with chawanmushi, pickles, sorbet and free refills of Japanese imported rice, shredded cabbage and miso soups. Didn't think much of the unassuming chawanmushi but it certainly exceeded expectations. Really smooth and great texture! Had your share of bland and subpar chawanmushi? Get your fix here at Saboten. I promise it's really yummy!

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Shredded cabbage with Goma Dressing
Crunchy, chilled and really fresh cabbage topped with homemade sesame mayonnaise that will have you crave for second servings! I'm a total carnivore and am almost "allergic" to vegetables but I happily gobbled down a good portion of this! I really should consider getting my vitamins this way! So addictive. So good. 

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Sesame seeds that you can gently grind before adding to the tonkatsu sauce to make it even more fragrant

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Iberico Loin Katsu - $28
It's a shame that I couldn't capture the fat present in the katsu in this photograph. Black Iberian pigs which are only fed grain and barley are capable of storing fat in and around their muscle tissues, which explains the amount of fat in the katsu. If you are not a fan of fatty parts, I'm sorry that you won't enjoy the katsu as much. But I absolutely adore eating fatty meat! And this was almost heaven to me. The katsu was tender, juicy and the fat melted slowly and playfully in my mouth and I just couldn't get enough of it!

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Fried Jumbo Prawn Set - $26
Encased in a thin crispy layer of freshly made bread crumbs, the jumbo prawn was delightfully satisfying in every bite! The prawn was accompanied with a tasty tartare sauce and a unique potato croquette that is filled with melted cheese!

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Fried Hotate - $12
Another one of the most popular items at Saboten is the fried scallops which are large, fresh and really juicy. You might think it's a little steep to pay $12 for two pieces of scallops but they are really worth every dollar considering their quality!

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Yuzu Sorbet
Very refreshing and a simple end to a great meal!

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Matcha Sorbet

Only premium ingredients are used at Saboten and if you're really particular about rice, you'll be able to tell the difference between the rice used here and at other Japanese restaurants(which might have claimed to be using rice from Japan but are in actual fact using rice from other sources).

You can be sure to find affordable and great tasting fare here at Saboten! I'm heading there for dinner again next week because I really miss the Iberico Loin Katsu! Do try it and let me know what you think!

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