Thursday, October 2, 2014

Souper Sarnies

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Have you heard of this new kid on the Tanjong Pagar stretch yet? Another one to join the line-up at Orchid hotel, Souper Sarnies is here to bring you yummy soup and sarnies!

Featured above is BLAT ($10.90), essentially the usual BLT with an extra Avocado spread. The creamy avocado spread was certainly a great addition which balanced out the saltiness of the bacon.

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Roast Beef Sirloin - $14.90
Roast beef with sweet caramelized onions has always been my weakness. What more, when it is paired with melted gruyere cheese and truffle mayonnaise! However, I wouldn't have known that it was truffle mayo if I hadn't seen it in the description. There was hardly a hint of truffle. This definitely requires some work but it was still overall, pretty enjoyable!

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Eggs Benny - $14.90 
I was really excited about this one but was sorely disappointed. The bacon was too salty and the eggs reeked of vinegar and the hollandaise could have been more flavourful. 

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Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffles - $12.90
To be entirely honest, I didn't think that it was gonna be any good. It's a couple of shades darker than the usual waffles, and didn't really appeal to me. But digging into it proved me utterly wrong. The waffle was crisp, fluffy and this was undeniably one of the better waffles that I've ever had. A flawless combination with caramelized bananas and a scoop of good old vanilla icecream, I will really recommend all who's on a waffles quest to try this!

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Best shared, this homemade cheesecake was more on the heavier side but I just kept taking bites of it because it was so addictive when paired with the yummy salted caramel!

Souper Sarnies is still very new but the cheerful duo running the show is doing a really good job! Rolling out a new weekend brunch menu, and constantly improving on their current range and selection, do make Souper Sarnies your next destination for lunch! The waiting time for sandwiches may be a little longer than you'll like but that's only because everything is made fresh upon order. You can place your order over the phone before picking them up, if that's what you prefer!

Souper Sarnies also serves up handcrafted coffee so you can enjoy your caffeine fix at the same time!

Orchid Hotel
Tras Link
Monday- Friday: 830am-9pm 
Saturday : 9am-9pm



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