Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PS. Cafe Petit

 photo PA058534.jpg
PS Cafe has a characteristic dark interior in almost all of their outlets and it is pretty, and awfully charming. I literally couldn't stop going on and on about how pretty this place is! The most distinct difference between this outlet and the mother shops is that everything here is served in takeaway packaging.

 photo PA058538.jpg
We wanted the signature sticky date pudding but it wasn't available here

 photo PA058544.jpg
The Ginger Pudding had real ginger strands in them and the smell of ginger was overpowering when it first arrived. I was afraid of how strong it will taste, especially when I'm not a fan of ginger. The ginger was indeed a tad too strong on the first bite, but it really grew on me! The warm sauce complemented the ginger pudding really well and we all loved it!
The Keylime Pie was sour, but not too sour and I'd say that it was the perfect balance of sweet and sour for me. With a crunchy crust and a beautiful texture, this is a dessert that I can have over and over again

The Passionfruit Cheesecake was a let down with obvious ice bits in them. We abandoned it after a few mouthfuls.

A lovely place with a great vibe that I can easily spend an entire afternoon reading at. A welcoming change from the bright and hipster cafes!

Blk 78 Guan Chaun Street
No. 41
Daily : 11am-11pm



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  1. Your blog information is useful for me. Because I am planning to visit this Café; my college friend also suggested this Cafe to visit. He provides that link to get details about it. The Ginger dishes are my favorites. I will must keep in mind your mentioned time during my tour. I will visit it after hawaiian tours.


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