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GRUB Noodle Bar

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GRUB Noodle Bar is the latest venture by the folks behind GRUB, Fix and Cookyn. Situated along Rangoon Road, this noodle bar is well-positioned and easy to locate. The noodle bar sports a white and clean minimalist look and has a charming vibe.

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GRUB Noodle Bar has quite a unique range of ciders and beers and if you're looking for a place to have good beer and yummy bar food, do keep GRUB in mind!

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Kang Kong Salad - $7
Singaporeans are probably used to sambal kang kong and might not be too keen to try this but we all felt that this was a refreshing twist. Tossed in nonya achar and house dressing, this dish really whets your appetite

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Chicken Drumlets - $9
We caught a whiff of the drumlets before they got to our table and the fragrance was certainly teasing. The chicken drumlets were coated with curry leaves, garlic and sesame seeds and I expected them to be really tasty but they were a tad dry and I felt that they smelled better than they tasted. Probably not something that I'll order for dinner but a great item to have with beer certainly

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Venus Clams - $13
The crazily plump clams were sauteed in beer, toasted ginger and a lemongrass broth. Carrying a distinct taste of beer, and a slight bitter aftertaste, the clams were a crowd pleaser! Loved how all the flavours came together so flawlessly!

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Hokkaido Scallop Tataki - $15
This is unquestionably my favourite appetizer of the lot! The mix of flavours was brilliant and I absolutely loved how the mandarin orange segments complemented the mustard glaze and the fresh scallops. Truly spectacular and it was like a party in my mouth!

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Live Tiger Prawns - $15
First of all, the prawns were incredibly fresh. GRUB gets their seafood from a supplier a couple of doors away and you can be sure that the seafood that you're getting here are the freshest of the freshest. The tiger prawns are steamed in a meticulous concoction of sake, garlic and ginger glaze and you'll love the juicy prawns more with every crunch!

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Baby Cuttlefish - $9
I think most patrons will order this to go with their beer. I felt that the cuttlefish pieces were of a perfect size but I could hardly taste the cuttlefish. The batter was a little too thick and too much.

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Soft Shell Crab - $13
I've always loved soft shell crab but they are always either too expensive or they come in a really pathetic portion. But not the one at GRUB! Not only is this dish reasonably priced and portioned, you can actually taste the crab, and not just biting into empty fried batter. We could have used more mayo though!

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Assam Laksa - $13
After going through countless rounds of tasting, GRUB is proud to present their take on the famous Assam Laksa. I like the thick and flavourful broth but felt that it was lacking something. Can't really pinpoint what it is but I just didn't get the kick that I usually get when I eat assam laksa.

 photo PA159039.jpg 100% Hormone-and-Antibiotic-Free 150-day Grainfed Angus Ribeye Beef Noodles - $19
The beef noodles range from $12-$19 and they all come with ramen style egg noodles tossed in GRUB's house sauce, mushroom stew, minced meat and 100% beef meatballs. Initially, I thought the noodles looked dry but little did I expect to fall in love with them. Despite my bursting tummy, I still happily gobbled down a good portion of it. The minced meat and mushroom stew were delightful but the beef meatballs were too dry. The highlight was certainly the beef broth that was really sweet and robust, and it comes with a crazy generous serving of Angus Ribeye! This was honestly so good that I can have it over and over again. Even though the broth was really tasty, there isn't a trace of msg or preservatives! All natural ingredients and it's so yummy?! At $19, this is an incredible steal! (I just closed my eyes for thirty seconds to relive that moment of the beef slices melting in my mouth.. So, so good)

GRUB Noodle Bar is open till 1230am almost daily and I'm guessing that it will be a really popular haunt soon! I love how top quality ingredients are being utilized but everything is still so affordably priced. The team at GRUB is still looking to add more items and dessert to the menu so do stay tuned! If you're heading to the nearby mall for movie and are feeling peckish afterwards, do drop by GRUB!

221 Rangoon Road
Tuesday- Sunday : 7pm-1230am


Love, K

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