Monday, October 13, 2014

Ah Lim Zi Char & Fish Head Steamboat

Media Invite

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A new venture by the owner of The Lawn, Jonathan, and his family, Ah Lim Zi Char sits in a coffeeshop at Wcega Plaza. A huge space serving mainly the office crowd in the day, the coffeeshop is quieter come night time and might just be the ideal space for large groups to enjoy a tze char meal!

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It's a huge surprise to know that Jonathan has taken over this coffeeshop, especially so because the previous occupant was actually my mum. Hahaha. Coming back here was pretty nostalgic.

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Ah Lim's Homemade Tofu - $12
Homemade tofu is definitely impressive. I can't imagine the hours and effort that goes into making this seemingly simple item! I would have liked this dish more if the sauce was a tad tastier. The fried enoki certainly requires some work as all I could taste was fried batter. I'm pretty critical about fried enoki because my gramms makes the most awesome ones!

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Fish Head Steamboat
As the signature of the stall, the fish head steamboat didn't quite leave the impression I thought it would. Every pot of soup is prepared upon order and this might be the reason why the taste of fish is lacking in the soup. Basically, this was a tasty pot of vegetable soup to us.

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Fried Five Spice Pork - $10
My favourite item of the night is this unpretentious dish that was laced with an indescribable homely flavour. Highly addictive and a must-try!

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Salted Egg Prawn - $18
The dish that I was looking forward to was really, this. Unfortunately, we were disappointed with the mild taste of salted egg yolk. I always feel that salted egg yolk dishes taste best if the salted egg yolk is molten and rich. Not too big a fan of fried renditions. Can definitely be improved and I look forward to trying the new and improved version!

More dishes and improved versions of current ones are in the works and I'll be back to give it another shot a couple of months down the road!

If you're looking for a tze char place for dinner in the west, do consider Ah Lim, especially if you're driving because there's a huge carpark or you can just park by the road!

1 Bukit Batok Crescent
Wcega Plaza
Thursday- Tuesday: 11am- 2.30pm, 5.30pm -10.30pm


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