Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bottega Hair & Beauty

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Bottega Hair & Beauty is created by the people behind Kelture at Paragon. Bottega is conveniently located at Orchard Gateway and is very near the train station. Bottega uses Aveda products that are naturally-derived and botanical-based which are, needless to say, better for your hair and kinder to mother nature too. I popped by Bottega three weeks ago and got my hair done and I am beyond pleased with how it turned out!

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My hair is a mix of red, brown and purple and I was looking to get some highlights on a brownish base. I showed my hairdresser, Dean, a picture of how I'll like my hair to look. What I really like about Dean is that his main priority and concern is the health of his clients' hair. If you have really damaged hair and you're looking to get it bleached or something and its not gonna make your hair look any healthier, Dean will voice out his views and suggest alternatives that are better suited for your hair. To him, even the prettiest colours on damaged and unhealthy looking hair is not gonna look nice. The other thing that's really impressive about him is that he can almost replicate any colour that you want for your hair, if you just show him a picture of it.

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This was applied to my hair to smoothen it

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Tadah! I really really love my hair colour!

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Do consider Bottega if you're looking to get your hair done. They use quality products and have a team of very experienced hairstylists. If you're not sure what you should do to your hair, do look for Dean! With 16 years of experience in this industry, Dean is definitely more than equipped to give you advice and suggestions.

Bottega is giving away a HAIR MAKEOVER to my readers!!! Stand a chance to win a FREE HAIR MAKEOVER when you whatsapp 91457087 to let the good folks at Bottega know why you want a hair makeover ! (Giveaway ends on 3rd May at 0000)

Also, quote "KIMBERLEY" and receive a complimentary hair treatment (worth $150) when you go for a hair colour/digital perm/rebonding session with Bottega's creative hairdressers!

Call them at 67024546 to make an appointment now! 

For more information, click HERE

Orchard Gateway
Daily : 10am-10pm


Love, K

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