Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ah B Cafe & Pawlicious

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HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE TRUE LOVE AND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! Waffles the Maltese (IG @ wafflesthemaltese) just turned five and we held a birthday party for him, as usual. We pick a new dog cafe to go to every year and this year we've decided to pop by Ah B Cafe at Sunny Heights! Sunny Heights used to be K9 Kulture where I worked as a dog handler for about 10 months. It's essentially a dog daycare plus boarding place where there's a pool for your pooches too!

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Ah B Cafe serves solely food for humans and Pawlicious does food for furkids. Pawlicious has three resident Bull Terriers that are super cute. Its not everyday that you get to see Bull Terriers in Singapore so if you wanna meet one, or three, you can pop by Pawlicious where you can also get treats and birthday cakes for your dogs

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King Waffles just walking around greeting the peasants haha

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Birthday cake from Pawlicious. Peanut butter flavour - $27.90

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Ah B Pork Burger Set (comes with fries and soft drink) - $14.90
Dog cafes usually don't serve up exceptional food and people always say "aiyah, its a dog cafe what" but I honestly think that that shouldn't be an excuse. I mean, animal cafes can definitely cook up really yummy fare too! The food here is certainly better than a great many other dog cafes out there. The burger was alright and one of the more pocket-friendly items on the menu. I feel that the prices here are a little steep though

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Sweet Potato Fries - $7
An unexpected find that was quite addictive.

Sunny Heights will always remind me of my days at K9 Kulture where I used to walk and swim really gorgeous dogs. Think lots of Golden Retrievers and Huskies and rare breeds like Ridgebacks, Rough Collies, British Bulldogs, Samoyeds etc. Those were the days! Sunny Heights is the biggest and nearest dog "playground" to me and I've been coming here for years and now that they've renovated the swimming pool, I'm gonna bring Waffles for his hydrotherapy soon! Poor boy ruptured his cranial cruciate ligament recently and he just went through a surgery to fix it. Since we'd be going for swims quite often, I think I should get a waterproof watch or something. Has anyone tried Adidas Watches before?

110 Turf Club Road
Singapore 288000
Tuesday-Friday : 130pm-9pm
Saturday : 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm - 7pm


Love, K

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