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Gyu-Kaku @ CHIJMES

Media Invite

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When life presents you with such intensely marbled Kuroge Wagyu from Kagoshima, what do you do? Well, I took a few moments to admire its beauty and thank the Gods before entrusting the experts to cook this to perfection. Then, I prepared myself for the fireworks that were about to go off in my mouth. I've had alot of barbecued beef, having been in Korea for a month. And even the best one that we had, which was really damn good, didn't come close to this.

Gyu-Kaku has launched an entirely new menu at all of their six outlets in Singapore which offers Kuroge Wagyu which is uncommon in Singapore. Most places use Australian Wagyu and there's a huge difference in the meats. As explained by one of the directors of Gyu-Kaku, we learnt that Australian Wagyu cattle are usually grass-fed and they have tons of land to roam about, resulting in a more muscular form and consequently, less marbling in their meat. This is opposed to Japanese Wagyu cattle that are grain-fed and raised in barns. Technically, the marbling in Japanese Wagyu should be more than that of Australian Wagyu.

With more than 600 outlets in Japan, Gyu-Kaku is a global success and this is largely due to the fact that they serve premium food at reasonable and affordable prices.

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Japanese Prime Wagyu (80gm) - $35
We kickstarted the meal with this. It sent my eyes wide, and my eyebrows so high they almost hit the ceiling. I was immensely impressed by how juicy and tender the meat was. I took my time to savour every single piece because it was just that precious!

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King! Japanese Prime Wagyu(120g) - $41
There's a certain technique to cook the meats and that is to let one side of the meat be cooked to about 70% doneness before flipping it, just once, to the other side to complete the cooking process. Just look at that gorgeous marbling. Can you guess what is to follow? Yupp, an explosion of happiness as the meats melted oh-so-slowly and wonderfully in my mouth. Seriously, too damn good.

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Here's one of the directors personally cooking the Wagyu for us!

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Fire! Karubi with Garlic Chilli Oil - $7
For those who might feel that the two options above are still a little harsh on your wallet, the Karubi is a marvellous and super pocket-friendly item to order. Still tender, still juicy, still melt-in-your-mouth and still delicious

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King! Harami
The harami is the meat around the diaphragm and you can bet it's really tender!

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Fresh lettuce, soybean pasta, garlic and barbecued meat. Reminds me of how the Koreans savour their barbecue! Wrap up a perfectly cooked piece of beef with lots of soybean paste(I love soybean paste!) and this just can't go wrong. Possible the best and one of the only ways to make me eat my greens. I really don't eat my vegetables but this? Anytime, anyday.

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Shrimps in Garlic Butter - $5
Slow-cooked over the fire, those blocks of butter melted slowly and immersed the fresh prawns before garlic chilli oil was poured over. The end result of crunchy buttery prawns made the long wait worthwhile

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Assorted Mushroom Foil with Butter - $8
The mushrooms were incredibly juicy and every bite elicits a squeaky squirt. Slightly chewy, naturally tasty and a great dish to even out the heavier flavours from the meats

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Seafood Chige Soup - $12
This was unbelievably spicy. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, this was probably a 11 for me. It was really good, but the spiciness was too insane for me. For the rest, this was probably a 6 or 7. Everyone said it was spicy!!! So its not that I'm that bad okay.. Haha. So, only go for this if you think you can take it. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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Aburi! Wagyu Sushi - $8
For those who love sushi or can't do without rice, this is a yummy one you shouldn't miss

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Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream - $3.90
This is pure genius. Sweet potato slabs cooked with butter and topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean icecream. It is almost criminal. And how is this only $3.90?! I'll seriously go back to Gyu-Kaku just for this!

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Gyu Kaku Icecream - $2.80
A simple but satisfying sweet treat topped with brown sugar syrup and soya bean powder

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Gyu-Kaku Signature Milk Pudding - $3.90
The signature milk pudding was silky smooth and it melts in your mouth with a creamy mouthfeel. Very addictive and definitely an awesome finish to a fantastic meal of prime meats!

This was hands-down the best meal that I've had thus far in 2015. Not only is the freshness and quality highly commendable, the prices are really affordable too. I've friends who dine here pretty frequently and they just really love how good the food is. I do, too. The comfortable and relaxing setting is a bonus and I really like that I don't leave the restaurant smelling like a walking barbecue. You know where to go if you're looking for the best Japanese Yakiniku in Singapore!

30 Victoria Street #01-01/02
Daily : 12pm-230pm, 530pm-11pm


Love, K

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