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Straits Express @ Kallang Wave

Media Invite

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Helmed by Peranakan chef, Philip Chia, Penang-born street-food chef, Frankie Ooi, and our very own Anglo-Hainanese chef, Bermuda Say, can you guess the three types of cuisine served at this railway-themed restaurant?

Paying tribute to Singapore's colonial heritage and set on creating a dining establishment where they can reminisce their childhoods, the owners of Straits Express decided on a concept that evokes nostalgia and a menu boasting delicious and familiar comfort fare

A cuisine that might not be all that familiar, but a truly unique one. Western food with Hainanese influence which sprouted from creative and skillful Hainanese cooks or servants who used to work in British households back in the day.
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Mulligatawny Soup - $4.50
This tasted like minestrone with a hint of spices. Mulligatawny comes from two Indian words that mean pepper water. Essentially an English creation drawing its roots from an Indian recipe

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Toad in a Hole - $10.50
A very unique fluffy eggy dish that could have used a little more salt. The texture and crisp edges were delightful though!

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Oxtail Stew - $18.50
Braised for hours, the fork-tender meat was a joy to bite into!

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Nyonya Mee Siam - $8
We were forewarned about how addictive and delicious the meesiam was. This is probably the second time that I've had meesiam and I loved how palatable it was. Highly recommended!

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Babi Tohay - $18
One of the most highly raved about dishes of the night, the Babi Tohay requires a meticulous preparation of seven days. The tohay, a mixture of brandy, red rice yeast, grago, rice and sugar, is fermented for seven days before it is used in the cooking of the dish. The result does justify the amount of effort placed into this!

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Penang Assam Laksa - $8
I love love love assam laksa and I was impatiently awaiting this the entire night! As much as it was too intensely spicy for me, while totally bearable for everyone else, I couldn't pull myself away from this. The perfect marriage of the different flavours and that springy noodles and that soury spicy kick is something that I'll brave the burning sensation in my stomach for anytime

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Penang Fried Kway Teow - $9
Another of the dishes that I was anticipating, the fried kway teow came complete with a nice smoky edge, albeit being insufferably spicy for me. A mouthful of it was all it took to bring tears to my eyes. As much as it was yummy, I just couldn't continue on. It was a waste, for me, definitely but the partner-in-crime enjoyed it!

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Penang Lor Bak - $8
Ngoh hiang that has a light crispy skin and a plump meaty centre that erupts into a burst of flavours.

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Chef Philip demonstrating how to concoct the tohay in the Babi Tohay dish.

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English Apple Pie - $4.50
A buttery apple pie that is served cold. Pretty mediocre, in my opinion

Some other desserts available include nyonya chendol and durian pengat!

Equipped with a live band, a pool table, live soccer screenings, good food and a full bar, this place is definitely one that calls for returning visits. Assam laksa, I'll see you soon

1 Stadium Place
#01-24/28 & #01-K13/K17
Daily : 10am-10pm


Love, K

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  1. Find the decor and the type of cuisine served kind of out of place.


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