Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fresh Fruits Lab

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Heard pretty mixed reviews about FFL but somehow, I was still expecting to be impressed when we made our way here for dinner on a Sunday evening.

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Complimentary fruit juices to kick start the meal. I love that lab apparatus are utilized

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Passionfruit Soda - $6
There's real passionfruit puree and seeds inside the soda and this makes a very refreshing and yummy thirst-quencher

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Mushroom Soup - $10
The taste of the mushroom soup was pretty good but the texture of the soup was thin and more on the watery side. It lacks the creamy texture that we all love

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Angus Scotch Fillet - $39
Honestly, for $39, I can get way better steak elsewhere. You might think that we are the silly ones for ordering steak at a cafe. Well, the server recommended it and we thought, why not? But the beef was unevenly cooked and some parts were rather tough.

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Fish & Chips - $19
The fish is encased in a light and crisp batter and the huge portion makes this very value-for-money. The fries are a little soggy but I like them. Definitely the best dish of the night! And something I'll return for

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Masago Caviar Pasta - $20
I had really high hopes of this but it was extremely oily, and as much as it was really tasty, it was really salty too

All in all, it was a pretty unsatisfactory dinner and I felt so bad dragging my family all the way here from the western half of Singapore. Its been about two months since we popped by and my mum still reminds me of this meal. Clearly indicating her distrust in my recommendations. Oh well. Maybe it was just an exceptionally busy or bad day for them

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Love, K

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